What is an App for a Cell Phone

What is an App for cell phones?

“App” is an abbreviation of the term informatics application.

In the specific field “Mobile” App is an application or a program created to be installed on mobile devices or furniture that interact with components of the cell phones, and who uses it.

An App can be designed in different ways, an online catalog, a localization system, a game, a blog, a communication system or a showcase of its activity on the mobile platform.

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Smartwatch TAG Heuer

On the occasion of the Milan Design Week, TAG Heuer unveiled and officially announced its Android-based smartwatch Wear also in Italy.

In fact, by may, the TAG Heuer Connected will be sold officially at the Italian stores and almost certainly also online. The price remains the same, i.e. equal to 1350 euros, and, as is the case in other countries where it is already on sale (United States and Japan), you may decide to return it and exchange it for another mechanical watch of the House within two years from the date of purchase, adding the “moderate” figure of 1400 euro. Continue reading Smartwatch TAG Heuer

How to Do Halloween Cat Makeup

Looking for a last minute make-up for Halloween? Here are two cat’s tricks very simple and quick to create and inspire you to be beautiful and special Halloween makeup without spending too much to dress up!

Halloween is the most eccentric costumes that door and we women think about that trick achieve.

Today we see two options to a cat’s trick, the first prettiest and sexy, the second a little ‘more frightening.

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Halloween: Ideas to Prepare the Dining Table

Halloween is coming! This strange party imported from America, much like our carnival is always passionate about children but also adults. Pumpkins, monsters, bats and all that horror will dawn in our homes and our children impossesserà forcing us to come to move from door to door asking “Trick or treat?”

But for those who enjoy that evening if the four walls of the house with friends, will be well welcome them properly setting up an ad hoc location for the occasion. Especially as it regards the dining table that will be worthy of course that, in theory, should be truly monstrous for Halloween tutorials.

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Prince Albert of Monaco Wedding Photos

Albert of Monaco and Charlene are finally tie the wedding. Despite all eyes have been focused on the bride, who wore a beautiful white dress designed by Giorgio Armani, even the wedding guests stood out, more or less, for elegance and simplicity, and if the suit of the former South African swimmer and now His Highness Serenessima, has definitely beaten to Kate Middleton, also among the guests the elegance palm goes right to those of Monaco’s wedding. Let’s find out all the looks! Continue reading Prince Albert of Monaco Wedding Photos

Nail Art for Wedding Day

You have chosen to participate in the wedding dress, accessories are ready but lack an idea to complete the look with a nail art themed? No problem … we suggest to us. sober and nail for a romantic outdoor ceremony.

To the suggestion nail art to show off at an outdoor wedding we we inspired the slogan for every self-respecting marriage: romance.

We have focused on a neutral color that can be comfortable with our outfits enriching it with a”sentimental” touch.

We see with what we used. Continue reading Nail Art for Wedding Day

Beautiful Pink Wedding Dresses

A roundup of the most beautiful pink wedding dresses 2014 , one of the trends this year.

The workshops all over the world have wedding dresses Pink for 2014. A color you can choose with confidence for their marriage being suitable, as the white, for a wedding dress. If, in fact, white is recognized as a symbol of purity, the rose symbolises the unconditional love, romance and refinement and, in many cultures, is associated with positive feelings of happiness. We see, then, what are the most beautiful pink clothes collections 2014. Continue reading Beautiful Pink Wedding Dresses

Red Wedding Dresses Models

For a wedding full of passion the stylists propose red wedding dresses. The perfect color for surprising and dream of an unforgettable day.

Not all women have the courage to dare, but for those who dream of a wedding gown of the colour of passion, the Red is the nuance of love and energy. A real must for brides who want a modern marriage and the glamorous touch. A strong color that can be chosen in different shades, from bright red to Burgundy. For your wedding dress you can inspire you to present proposals on the runways of 2014, suggesting Red clothes to dress up the bride with whimsy, a choice against the tide that belongs to the “Brides in red”. Green light for long, short models, vaporous or clingy, only ever strictly rossi. Continue reading Red Wedding Dresses Models

Embroidered Wedding Dresses

Embroidered wedding dresses are valuable, chic and traditional line. 2014 wedding dresses collections designers offer a woman dreaming a unique dress.

Embroidered wedding dresses are very sought after by brides who are dreaming of a traditional wedding and want to impress with a classic and unique dress. The bridal designers propose, for the 2014 season, models that emphasize the uniqueness and refinement of embroidery, where tradition and femininity are a perfect bond. Continue reading Embroidered Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses Slipped

Wedding dresses slipped more sophisticated alternative to classic Princess dresses, those large and fluffy, and fit virtually any type of body, the Petite woman and more shapely, simply choose the template for your silhouette. Looking for inspiration? Take a look at our gallery.

There are those who dream of wearing a princess dress at least on the day of the wedding, those preferring to cross the aisle wearing a slightly more sober: the gown slipped never goes out of style and is the perfect alternative for those who don’t want to wear dresses with ample skirts, but prefer to aim for a classy look, sober and romantic. Also one of the advantages of wedding dress soft and slipped is its versatility, which led him to adapt well to any type of physique; I mean, just choose the right model and your wedding day you’ll be brides. Continue reading Wedding Dresses Slipped

Colored Wedding Dresses

Colored wedding dresses, a few years more and more brides prefer to wear a colorful wedding dress. It’s pink, pale pink, cream, red and even black, here are the most beautiful colored wedding gowns 2015..

The most classic wedding, the one who dreams of white wedding dress always, definitely not you will make sure this opportunity slip away to wear one, but for various reasons and circumstances there are women that white, even on the day of the wedding, just didn’t like it. For them the alternatives are many, for example just recently there has been a real return of champagne wedding dress, which is an excellent alternative to white while wearing a very classic wedding dress. Continue reading Colored Wedding Dresses

Champagne Wedding Dresses

Champagne wedding dresses, a trend that smells of old, like the best wine aged more pleasant on the palate is fine. Directly from the past, but in revised and revisited, champagne colored wedding dresses, they also like to younger brides. Discover the most beautiful clothes in softwareleverage.

Are clear but not traditional but not short, classic white, the perfect solution for those who dream of wearing an old fashioned wedding dress but in white just can’t see each other. In fact when we speak of champagne wedding dresses we refer to a fairly varied range of nuances that go basically from gold to ivory, with very subtle differences between a shade and the other that depend greatly on the type of fabric used: undoubtedly a silk champagne dress will have that shiny appearance that we’d never get if we choose the same color gradient for a wedding dress. Continue reading Champagne Wedding Dresses

2015 Haute Couture Wedding Dresses

2015 haute couture wedding dresses, the most beautiful models for who is getting married and wants to maintain the originality of the big brands of high fashion. The haute couture bridal collections 2015 show a lot of variety of beautiful dresses, perfect for brides who want to dare with original wedding dresses and recognizable style.

Among the haute couture wedding dresses for the 2015 season, we have selected some famous fashion designers in the bridal industry that have filled their new collections with new attractive, perfect for bold brides who, in addition to elegance, love the originality and style. Continue reading 2015 Haute Couture Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses for a Civil Marriage

Wedding dresses for a civil marriage, the models best suited for brides who choose to get married at City Hall.

The civil marriage is increasingly widespread and, compared to the past, many brides choose to wear the traditional dress of the ceremonies in the Church. At one time, “civil marriage” was a synonym for sobriety, few guests and therefore also of inconspicuous clothing. Fortunately the trend has changed and also those who choose civil marriage can show off dream dresses. See Itypejob for wedding dress fabrics. Continue reading Wedding Dresses for a Civil Marriage

Choose Sexy Lingerie Wedding

Choose underwear that we will not be just their wedding. Once you have your wedding dress, your underwear. Consider comfort, cutting the dress and your taste. Push-up bra, panties, stockings, garter … On this special day, you can make all kinds of women’s underwear to wear. Bet on a sexy lingerie, comfortable underwear and lingerie at a great price. Follow our tips for the bride to discover the different types of lingerie.

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Novia D’art Wedding Dresses

Politicsezine wedding dresses 2014, the collection Eden, for a bride who wants to be modern without sacrificing the princely dress. Lace, silk, tulle and organza reinvented together for bride of 2014.

“Eden”— Paradise: this is the name of the 2014 collection chosen by fashion designer Novia d’art, Teresa Reich. A bride never dull, as is always the case for women who choose this House of Spanish fashion, but not excessive. The Eden collection relies entirely on white and reinvents the classic wedding dresses: princely skirts and corsets out there, but they find a modern size, romantic but not cloying, a woman-independent but who wants to live his fairytale princess with a dress like no other.  Continue reading Novia D’art Wedding Dresses

DIY Halloween: Last-minute Ideas for Dressing up

Halloween is approaching and, as every year, I’m totally out of ideas… so I spent the weekend looking for some inspiration on the web (and Pinterest) to try some interesting disguise to quickly and inexpensively!

Excluding the witch look, ghost, zombie and mummy, I tried some ideas a bit ‘more original and I must say that in the end something nice I found it!


To clothe from mad doctor you just a hospital gown (you can keep it free of red blood, tear or stain), a lot ‘of hair gel to give a nice effect “I do not wash for a month”, a transparent overlay for welders ( you can mess just like the shirts) and a nice bottle of pills in her hand or even an entire backpack crammed with tablets and medicines!

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Luisa Beccaria Wedding Dresses Collection 

The wedding dresses Luisa Beccaria 2014, the vintage collection for a romantic bride who loves lace and minimal chic cuts operations.

The wedding collection 2014 from Luisa Beccaria tells the story of a romantic bride who dreams of marrying a Prince, but one that comes straight from the faded pages of a fairy tale: she is not a Princess, but a modern and enterprising woman with a passion for everything that is “dated”, that’s why the New wedding dresses collection from Luisa Beccaria does not miss those vintage/retro ingredients that make unique every single dress. Continue reading Luisa Beccaria Wedding Dresses Collection 

Jessica Biel Giambattista Valli Wedding Dress

Jessica Biel, the rebellious Mary of Seventh Heaven, always sporting the look is flawless on the red carpet and in everyday life, but an error style, sometimes, it happens to all, even to those women who always seem perfect. This time the slip has touched American actress who, on the red carpet of the Fashion Group International’s 28th annual Night of Stars gala, wore a dress Giambattista Valli Couture collection autumn winter 2011 2012 . A magnificent and princely dress on the catwalk as cumbersome and out of place in real life. In short, certain clothing would be better to remain on the catwalk. Continue reading Jessica Biel Giambattista Valli Wedding Dress

Halloween Costumes for Womens Ideas

Halloween is an ancient Celtic holiday that coincides with the celebration of the Catholic All Saints Day.
It is held annually on 31 October. According to legend, the night of her deceased last year haunt the earth to the universe in living bodies. For this reason, the Celts dressed in scary costumes and puts grotesque masks with which to frighten evil spirits. Today it is one of the most beloved children celebration. In the US they toured the homes with template phrase “goodies or harm” if but get candy and chocolate “played a number.” What do adults? Besides being supplied with enough sweets with which to draw young pranksters, but prepare to spend the night party with friends disguised as scary creatures. We have selected ideas for some of the most iconic villains, whose images can incarnate this year.

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Wedding Cake Polka Dots

Wedding cake polka dots, the most original ideas for a unique wedding cake that will leave your guests speechless. Let yourself be carried away by the imagination and choose a wedding cake artistry and original, with many balls. A custom creation tailored according to your tastes and prepared only with fresh ingredients and first choice!

The cake for your wedding is a very important detail to make your day special. Will be the protagonist of the banquet of sweets and cut must be absolutely in the foreground. There are many ideas for wedding cakes, original and creative. You can be inspired, for example, to the masterpieces of World Pastry teacher: Peggy Porschen cakes, but that does not create true works of art to make your special day. First make sure to match the style of your wedding cake perfectly. Continue reading Wedding Cake Polka Dots

AVA Fashion Brand Lingerie

It is licensed to produce high quality lingerie. The company was founded in 1988 and at this stage can boast impeccable reputation. For this purpose Ava continues to use only the best quality materials and in addition creates amazing models – standard and classic cuts, varied colors and interesting decorative items. Most often, Ava’s products are lace knitting and accessories company cherish worldwide.

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What to Prepare for Trekking

For those of you who want to purchase your first piece of equipment going here a few tips. To buy the equipment you need for mountain trek can go on a slant. Much you could borrow from someone you know, and it is a good idea. If you are not going to walk again, or for the foreseeable future, so it’s silly to buy a lot of expensive. But do you know that this is something you want to bet on, it is my recommendation that you committed to buy stuff with high quality.
To shop for the most part in open-air stores that specialize in the area can be a way to get good consumer information. Dealers are often the users and to provide information outside expertise combined with service experience. Staff in specialized outdoor shops usually do not impose on customers unnecessary/bad stuff, they are generally more focused on helping customers to get their hands on the products they need. To check various products on the internet is also a good idea. Reviews and tests, preferably from more than one source, usually able to give a good image of quality and performance. Outdoor magazines such as STF’s Tourist and Leisure magazine Utemagasinet contains periodic tests of products, and the latter magazine gives regularly out specific numbers of tests of large quantities of products, both new and old. See Besteducationschools for camping sleeping bags.

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