Dresses Bridal Jewelry

Wear a wedding dress with jewel is a choice of precious and elegant style, perfect for girls who dream of a wedding in the large, to crown their dream of love as real princesses. The jewel dress is a very common trend in new collections of 2016: if you look crammed with sophisticated décor and chic, you will not be disappointed, designers around the world have indulged with rhinestones, embroidery and beads, with bright clothes and processed, treated in detail. Bodices, skirts and décolletés will be able to replace accessories such as necklaces, for a radiant look.

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Halloween Wreath Ideas Front Door

The gums are a symbol of festive mood. Usually them decorating the doors of their homes to adorn and remind occurring holidays. One of the most diverse options is Halloween wreath – he is a real person on the nature of the day that symbolizes. Skulls, skeletons, spiders, snakes are traditional ideas of creating this impressive accent. Fun are models with color shades, shiny ribbons, orange pumpkins and creepy bats. All black and orange are the two most frequently used colors in the creation of a Halloween wreath. Many spectacular stand, however, and neon accents of blue, green and yellow. Will will form the decor of small silver skulls or glowing buttons in the shape of eyes, the effect would be deadly. A good idea is sound and gothic – black and white tones and interesting interpretations of tulle and netting. Save the nature of the day underline the symbolism of the holiday invested maximum imagination. If you need ideas – they are in front of you. Trust the design skills of the professionals!

Fashion and Faith: Cross as Fashion Accessories

Necklaces with pendants, crosses were always a part of classic jewelry and gave luster and appeal of clothing worn by. Recently we have seen a return to this trend, decorate necklaces with crosses.

They are simple and beautiful, available in a variety of sizes, materials, designs and lengths, so there is no problem to reconcile with which specific dial outfitem. Pro casual wear crosses in small sizes either silver or gold tones. These necklaces with pendants can be worn essentially any clothes on a daily basis.

Maybe even a fashion icon Kate Moss was recently spotted with a cross on his neck and gold rings and in casual clothes such as jeans, a plain shirt and a light sweater. Also, Heidi Montag shows his faith by wearing a chain with a cross together with a light Tope and jeans in your everyday wear.

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Trendy Sturdy Shopping Tote Bag

For spring summer 2016 don’t miss the shopping bags, nice and roomy and especially ideal for many occasions.

If the small handbags or minibag, are among the must-have of the moment and have a large following, women who must stay out all day for work or errands much prefer larger proposals, within which put everything you need. And even more. In short, among the trendy bags in this spring/summer 2016 include the shopping bag.

Why continue to collect all this success? We have already revealed: these creations are very large, so they may contain what you need, so that you can go to school or university and riporci notebooks and books. They are great for work, especially if you need to bring documents and folders, and, anyway, I’m always more glamorous and sophisticated, so why not choose them to others?

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How to Apply Makeup Blush Properly

We love a blush, is to give that healthy coradinho, to fine tune the face or even to simulate a summer Tan, the fact is that, for one or the other end, we don’t dismiss this produtinho, isn’t it?

So, did you know apply blush in their day to day of these 3 different ways? Each application has its purpose, and that’s what we’ll show now, three different techniques to apply blush using tricks of makeup, to make your face more sexy, thin and happy.

Learn How to Apply Blush for 3 Different Effects

Well, after prepared skin, because as I’ve shown here, the finish is always more beautiful with the face properly prepared. Before or after make-up the eyes as you prefer, it’s time to apply blush.

Healthy effect

As we speak here on the Site of beauty and fashion, make smooth is on the rise, and of course, the blush just following that line, super healthy, looking like you just exercise and was coradinha.

So it ends up being called to make fresh, healthy, or to the natural, that is a little more subtle, follows this line, lending the woman a healthier air, however, natural, almost no one realizes that she’s blush and, believe me, despite the tone of pink blush on the cheeks, be he ends up raising the look and leaving your face healthy and happy.

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New Fashion of the Stars

No Poo is the new fashion stars to brush your hair without shampoo. A choice of ethical beauty that, at least in some cases, avoiding ruin the hair and skin, replacing the classic shampoo with natural products DIY alternative solutions free lotions or foamy.

It’s a new trend that lets imagine that behind the most beautiful heads in the world of music and entertainment there is apparently a “don’t care” hair. Impossible, but apparently its true. “No Poo”, or “Low Poo” limit in case shampoo is deleted completely: here is the trend that in recent years has gathered supporters among celebrities who between bloggers and journalists that the wash hair without shampoo they made a sort of ethical choice, although the reasons may be different. Continue reading New Fashion of the Stars

Shopping in Perfumery: What to Buy at Sephora?

Feel like shopping in perfume? We selected the best new Spring Summer 2015 presented exclusively at Sephora: we are sure that more than a few come to the right product in your shopping cart!

We discover in detail the new entry of the most loved brand!


We start now from the new collection make up made ​​by Sephora for Summer 2015: born from the union of two creative international designers, the make-up Craig & Karl line energy oozes from every pore, with a mix of vibrant and cheerful shades and geometric decorations from pop style.

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Paris Fashion Week 2015

Paris Fashion Week, all beauty trends for spring summer 2015, all the tips and tricks to make up and hairstyle trends. Pastel shades of Jean Paul Gaultier, the colourful bun of Nina Ricci, here are all the new beauty trend won’t get lost.

What will be the beauty trends spring summer 2015? As always the tips come directly from the runways, and finally, after New York and Milan, we begin to see some interesting trend but above all original with genuine makeup designed to not pass unnoticed, that don’t disappoint expectations, and far more enterprising hairstyle. Finally, then, the spring will bring us something different and, let’s face it, just seen: a whole range of beauty trend that will literally break into the hearts of every beauty addict. Continue reading Paris Fashion Week 2015

Fashion Lingerie

Let us not delude ourselves: by very a taste that we feel our body, there are always areas that we would like to correct. That if mark the waist more, refine your hips, to reduce the tummy… now is easier than you think thanks to the effective reduction lingerie that will help you show off body. Discover it!

All women dream can reduce or mark certain areas of our body that we don’t feel comfortable. Let us keep in our ideal weight, but there are parts of our figure that they lack the definition as we would like. To give us a treat and see us perfect, smart lingerie becomes our preferred partner. Pay attention!

It boasts silhouette

How many times have wanted to show off a stunning dress set, but do not dare shame? Maybe now all can do it with this type of lingerie. Depending on the area of your body that you want to enhance or hide, you can get different effects: from a waist more tuned to a few buttocks erect, passing through a chest high which helps us to look a pronounced cleavage.

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5x Otherwise Warm Sweater and Always in Style!

When you say a warm sweater, most people think of ski jacket and white descent. The piece of clothing may also be a dominant element of your outfit. and take advantage of him and into the office or company!

The basis of all these outfits is a seemingly ordinary gray sweater. When you combine it properly, however, you create an elegant look for work, casual wine with friends or convenient for trips winter landscape.

Comfortable elegance

Choose a sweater in a neutral shade such as black and all shades of gray. It will thus easily be combined with other pieces of clothing or accessories, which are contrary can color to “unleash”.

Gentle rocker

Ankle shoes hidden heels, tight jeans and immortal “jackknife” perfectly complement the gray sweater sitting with friends. If you’re worried that you would get a beer or something stronger stooge did not feel like a lady, choose this style of significantly colored letter that gives you craving elegance.

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ZTE Announces Star 3

During the Conference held today by ZTE, the Chinese company has unveiled a new midrange Terminal: ZTE 3 Star. Contrary to what was expected, this is not a top of the range device, but a smart phone equipped with a 5.5 “FullHD, Octa Core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 615to 1.5 GHz and 2 GB of memory, GPU 405 Adreno RAM and 16 GB of internal memory expandable up to 128 GB.

As for the photographic industry are a main module from 13 MegaPixel with f/2.2 and 5 lenses, supported by technology, while we find a unity 5.0 NeoVision ZTE 5 MegaPixel front dedicated to selfie. There is also a 3000mAh battery, 4 g LTE connectivity and Android 5.1 Lollipop with Nubia 3.0 UI interface. Continue reading ZTE Announces Star 3

Cotton Dresses for Summer

Cotton with summer dresses addressed on thedresswizard are special for all women who want to wear a soft, comfortable, fresh and elegant dress. Since cotton is one of the materials fairly fresh, reason by which makes these models of dresses made of cotton is special for the celebration held in the summer where it’s pretty hot, imagine if you go to a party with a not-very-cool dress as these cotton dresses, at the party you have to dance that will cause that you have more heat and if you are not in a dress fresh experience will be unpleasant.

On the other hand sequined cotton dresses are ideal for a celebration that will take place during the night, this so the sequins are the decorative details of the garments of gala. These beautiful dresses with sequins are recommended for all the girls who want to shine, look dazzling and be the protagonists of the celebration that has to go, but this is not only for the simple fact that are dressed in sequins and which are bright, but that such dresses boast elegant designs to make every woman look with a full sensuality.

In addition to all different beautiful models of dresses with sequins and glitter is one of latest trends which is having much welcome in this season. If you choose by a beautiful dress with sequins or some brilliant details used to wear flat modern addition to this fashion of a shines and in special the sequins will become fashionable throughout this year and many more already than a fully elegant style that constantly remain in force, clear models of dresses can be changed a bit , but the sequins will always keep this.

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What to Wear with a Flower Skirt

Even though the pants-it is a practical and convenient, a lot of girls can’t resist the pleasure of wearing a skirt. This feminine, elegant and beautiful. The biggest problem for girls and women-what to wear a skirt? Select the jumpers, it is not always easy. This is especially true for dresses of unusual style or color.

Summer skirts on the site are usually light or color. Popular poluklesh or the clock. And he and the other option is a very feminine. A dream come true for many-skirt with flowers. How to dress up as a model?

Skirt with flowers, no matter what style it is, be sure to update the image, tools, seems unusual. When in this form, even if it has light colors-a fairly active, vibrant part of the wardrobe. That is why it is best to choose a skirt with solid color sweater or jacket. It can be any color, but, in practice below all of the templates are suitable for beige, white, pink. Flower print well on a white shirt.

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Light Work OS is an Android Tablet 5 Start Menu

The Asian media speak of Light Work OS, the new Rockchip Android tablet manufacturer attempt-sized to fit. The system resembles itypeusa, and in fact you could say it is a modified version with a Start menu, with a theme that resembles Microsoft, and with apps that can turn into Resizable Windows.

Light Work OS uses free sources Android 5.1 Lollipop. The first tablet to use it will be a Pipo P9 with 10 inch screen and RK3288 SoC, 2 GB of RAM (basically the hardware base of Asus Chromebook Flip) but its spread in our country is still to be evaluated. Continue reading Light Work OS is an Android Tablet 5 Start Menu

Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses

Roberto Cavalli celebrates 40 years of activity and has promoted many initiatives, books, perfumes and capsule collection, today we present the new and beautiful glasses “Goddess”, an exclusive and wonderful model which is already a must have. Glasses “Diva” are charming and glamorous, inspired by the model eye of the Gods, model icon dating back to the first signed Roberto Cavalli collection.

Roberto Cavalli sunglasses eyewear for the 40th anniversary of his label are unique and wonderful, as I said besides being beautiful enclose itself a beautiful piece of history because they are a revival inspired eyewear Eye of the Gods who come from the first collection which dates precisely 40 years ago.

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Princess Dresses with Sleeves

Different models of dresses cut Princess are very used and known for making women who use it to look like a true Princess for the event or special celebration you have to attend, others which is one of the styles of dresses that favors for women of all style and all personalities. These beautiful dresses cut Princess sleeves will become that more they want to fully be simple, elegant and having much glamour.

These beautiful and elegant dresses style Princess are mostly youth and special for all women romantic and with a touch of innocence, so that it is one of the styles to more host has by all the girls, both for special celebrations, as for the day is your wedding. So you can use more beautiful style, dress Princess is necessary that weights some essential things so that you know how to choose your dresses and bras to be better with your style perfectly and above all allows you to look across a Princess, that woman would not go as a diva to any celebration or special event, to all truth.

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Cocktail dresses for Sexy Body

For women with sexy body there are a variety of cocktail dress models, although it seems that there are few options for this type of body. Women who have a body in the form of PEAR are smaller or thinner at the top and has hips, thigh and buttocks more provided. Clearly that is not something easy to find this type of leather clothes, much more when it’s a cocktail dress, since the model or design that fits you perfectly in the above, is not well at the bottom of the hips or vice versa. But there are some designs that are specifically made to fit well to this type of body.

You only have to have a little patience to choose the best dress (read here) that Berry’s wonderful with the kind of body that you have, in this case with sexy body. This style of body if it knows it knows it take advantage to show the beautiful crooks and above all choose the best dress, may look beautiful and radiant.

Dresses online

The perfect dresses online are for a rather intense look in women with pear shaped leather. With this style dresses are a little narrow at the top and have a little more flight in the part of the base, this model would draw attention in the lower part of your body and perfectly emphasize top. If you opt to use a beautiful dress on A line, I recommend that you opt for models that have a deep, as for example the v-neck or square neck. This will be essential to bring attention to the above.

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Honor Bridesmaids Dresses for Weddings

Honor bridesmaids dresses for weddings. Bridesmaids play an important role in a wedding, should therefore choose the best dresses and look radiant, but without removing protagonism to the bride.

If you make a bridesmaid, then I leave you a list of tips that you should keep in mind, so take note:

* Have to look beautiful and sexy, but do not try to remove the role of the bride. Which should highlight with much prominence in the wedding is the bride and bridesmaid should only be the complement of the wedding.

Honor Lady must support the bride in everything you need and also need to help him make the wedding preparations, as for example search for the ideal wedding dress.

* It also very important to mention, that the bridesmaid must be willing do tasks that says the bride, if the bride says I will buy my dress, as the bridesmaid should accompany him.

* On the day of the wedding, bridesmaid should be friendly with the bride providing tranquility and serenity.

* At the wedding, bridesmaid must be aware of the bride, in such a way that the ceremony goes well. For example:

  • During the ceremony, you must catch the bridal bouquet.
  • You have to help him to get out of the car when you arrive at the Church.
  • You must be aware at all times dress tail.

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Blumarine Swimwear

We now propose the sea collection of Blumarine ‘s summer 2011, a line of beachwear colorful and therefore in line with the current fashion dictates that prefer warm seasonal colors, vivid colors, even neon shades, anything to make models such as to draw the idea of summer and holidays. Blumarine, brands among the most important in the field, do these canons with the usual style and creates a really interesting collection of beachwear and cutting edge: Let’s see together.

We have already presented some of the ideas of beachwear for summer 2011,including the beautiful line of Liu Jo swimwear at estatelearning.com, another brand always able to supply its customers proposals glamorous and very attentive to the period must have, but also the sea collection of Verdissima rises to, but insisted more on lines with a certain class in the grounds and in the forms. Blumarine rewards a youthful and bubbly look, so let full creative approach by inserting in each article abstract motifs that embrace lines , the point of the reference index of many summer collections, always presented in rainbow colors ranging from warm to cold passing a little ‘for all the colors you can imagine.

You will find in the gallery sarongs, kaftans, vests, pants, t-shirts, sweatshirts and bikini colored, in which even the floral patterns will make access and bright, and each garment undergoes a contamination with other, like robes with hood. Originals and Ideas fun for the summer, do not you think?

Swimwear 2011: Proposals for Miss Sixty and Killah

Here we are today to talk about the ideas of swimwear for the ‘Summer 2011 signed by Miss Sixty and Killah, specialized in young fashion brand, and as such, extremely attentive to the latest news in the industry, the most glamorous and above all reasons to anticipate new trends. In the case of Miss Sixty and Killah we can speak for both of adherence to the canons of seasons, in the ‘foreground animal to which Killah leaves plenty of space and we have seen recently, while Miss Sixty embellishes his choice for beachwear 2016 with artistic inspiration in its line Cherry Lips .

The Cherry Lips line, and particularly characterized by studs and fluorescent colors, must-haves of the season, on black, offers a rock-glam style for different models bikini in and delta wing. Also a model full with sensual portholes, which looks like a mosaic of colored letters and written, what would later form the brand logo in shades from fuchsia to white, cobalt. You’ll find it at the price of 59 euro, while the two pieces cost 49 euro.

The proposed Killah instead, relies on electrical and colorful patterns, fun and engaging, the same ones that end up in the clothing collection. I anticipate before the presence of fantasy animal to fluorescent dyes in this case, coupled with ethnic prints and details like fringes and flying. Bright colors, animal and rock-glam touch, everything that the current fashion looks like glamor. Which one do you prefer?

Verdissima Swimwear Summer

Verdissima presents its line of swimwear for the summer of 2011, acollection that aims to make only the woman who wears it, allowing her to dress fashion colors, fantasies and most glamorous grounds of the moment, without giving up a touch of romance and sensuality necessary, to heat the already hot summer morning with a sophisticated style and trendy, and for this season, inspired by a taste 70s, the subject of interest of several of the current fashion industry.

After the beautiful costumes of the line last season, we propose the new, colorful line of swimwear Verdissima, pointing to impress on the beach with bands, bikini, triangles and swimsuits, whose fantasies reminiscent of the unforgettable years’70.

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