How to Choose Summer Dresses

Many times the majority of women let us lead by color or the beautiful design of a dress, but if it is that you really want to look beautiful is to take into account some other important aspects that we can say that he has been the ideal dress and above all that you can highlight the best attributes so that you can be beautiful at all times. Then if it is that you are looking for the perfect dress model, I show you how to choose the neckline of the dress according to the body type.

Choose a dress with a neckline that we favour is that all women should do, then so that you can guess the type of cleavage that fits perfectly with your personal style and above all helping that you look with a more stylized image, then I leave you with some tips and options.

Dresses with cleavage for large bust

For women who have great taste are encouraged to dresses that have a cleavage in “V” shape, although decolletage straight style and heart-shaped strapless dresses are also that them can be great. As well as dresses with flattering necklines, you have some dresses with necklines that you should avoid, as most closed round necklines, because that makes the bust look very fallen.

Dresses with cleavage for a small bust

Different models of dresses with necklines types halter tie at neck with perfect for women who have small bust. A good tip is to avoid dresses that are too tight to the body. With halter neckline dresses are perfect for having an elegant style, but for being a style that not stylized neck I recommend that you use it with up-do to achieve a good balance in the upper part of the body. Another good option for small bust is the round neckline from

Narrow shoulder dresses

Women who have narrow shoulders can achieve an elegant look with a boat neck dress. This type of cleavage has the virtue of getting a good balance in relation to the hips, so that women who have a body PEAR type, is the most recommended option since it could stylize the figure with good style. Dresses with strapless neckline and halter necklines you have to avoid it.

Waistline dresses

Dresses with asymmetrical neckline are the most recommended for women who have the waistline, i.e. those that have a body in with little defined waist. This type of cleavage is what allows to bring attention to the shoulders and the chest area, which is perfect for achieving a good balance in relation to the waist which is wide. Avoid dresses that have any kind of details at the waist area.

Dresses for wide shoulders

Women who have the shoulders and back wide, you must at all costs avoid dresses with open neckline as a U-shaped neckline are that give a broader effect on the back and that is what is not desired. Women who have the broad shoulders, is to say that you have a type of body in the form of “inverted triangle”, recommended that they opt for dresses that have a deep neckline in v-shape.


How to Wear Pencil Skirts

When we talk about secretary we always thought about an elegant woman with a straight cut skirt at the knees, also elegant. As it is, it’s not just we that think that way, so much so that this skirt is called secretary skirt, also known as pencil skirt.
This skirt has more or less the features mentioned above, say more or less because there are many variations, some are low, other high waist, and some are no longer the straight cut, being evasês or having the court and rounded front and rear pockets.
But that doesn’t take away the charm and elegance of skirt, which is always linked to executive and powerful women and so today we’ll talk a little bit about the types of skirts, how to use and with which women combine parts.
With skirt fabric, you can find denim, linen, knitwear, leather, cirrê, spandex, matelasse, and so on.
There are various sizes, but what really sets up the secretary skirt is the knee length.
They can be combined with more sophisticated social shirts or blouses, depending on their more basic needs. It doesn’t mean that skirt should be used only for work, but is better suited for this.
They go great with blazer and pumps. The pumps also have everything to do with the office, but you can use with half foot sandals without problem, just avoid the finger out, shoes should be closed, at least in front.
If you do not use it for the work environment, avoid combining black and white secretary skirts with blouses too closed and button, choose strap tops, because this type of skirt is made to match a more elegant look.
To match that kind of shirt without looking like you’re going to the office, choose more colorful or patterned skirts, you can find them with animal prints.
But if what you seek is the elegance for formal work environment or for a business dinner , the shirt , the blazer or tights complete the visual in this sense .
And regardless of your goal, their tops should always go inside of the skirt, even though they are in a fluffy fabric, and these are even more suitable because the office is usually well adjusted to the body, this combination will balance the look.
Another important detail of secretary skirts is slit. As it is a skirt that fits well to the body, if there is a breach, regardless of fabric chosen, the movement is a bit tied up. Then choose the slit according to your taste.
The bags are in relation to the main accessories. It can be a maxi clutch, an averageside or a tow. If your secretary skirt has a more sober look, more colorful bag can break the seriousness of the visual a little.

Different Ways to Wear a Midi Skirt

For the fans of the style “lady like“, which has a more classic and romantic touch, midi skirts are not new. However, last year here, the piece became popular in the looks of the fashionistas, lavishing femininity and elegance. When it comes to current trends, midi skirt always appears as the subject tariff. The model is still super feminine, but in a more cool, being desire and, at the same time, generating doubts in many women.

Because they are exclusive pieces of women’s clothing, skirts are naturally female. Midi templates, in addition to add femininity to the look, can also increase any visual. The model is known for its length below the knee and vary widely in modeling, which can be fair, round, pleated …

Midi skirt usually enhance all body types, but better know a few ways to use it can reassure the woman and leave her more time to secure bet on trend. After all, in time to compose a look is essential security.

The pleated model has the Joker, because modeling stretches any silhouette, especially when has length just below the knee and is used with high heel. However, the midi skirt combinations are almost endless. We have assembled the most classy, to give you a “light” in time to use the play and set up their production.

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How to Wear Midi Skirts

We are again facing with an influence of the war in a new post. The first time, we talk about social pants and now with midi skirts. Before his appearance, the dresses were long to the ankle. Check out models and tips on how to use!

Many must be wondering, and that the war has to do with women’s clothing? It’s all about. Fashion is a reflection of what society lives at certain times. With men going off to war, women had to take on the work fronts, not only to ensure the survival, but the economy of the countries.


Well, luck of the designers of the time as Bittranslators – damn this woman, right? – They found amid the global chaos, a piece to be created and hit the streets, it is not that they loved? At the time of the shins, the dresses had the straight cut, and emerged the jersey as a favorite fabric.

Women of high society wore the outfit with stockings and heels, the hat was widely used, as well as haircuts, mostly, was the Chanel style. This all happened around 1915, but until 1930, many designers have also invested in fashion.

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How to Wear Mullet Skirts?

If you thought the mullet fashion already was … Wrong! N saw the princess Kate Middleton these days? Always beautiful and elegant with a skirt mullet giving a straw legs?

The mullet skirts are super versatile. They are sexy because they are short in front leaving the leg appear discreetly, but are not common because they are long ago and do not mark the butt.

It also has the mullet dresses, but today we will talk specifically skirts.

The princess was wearing a more serious set of white mullet skirt and a halter top social. Proof that the mullet skirts can also be used on a look more sophisticated.

But have you ever noticed how the skirt mullet calls attention? So try not to use it with blouses and accessories that draw attention attention too. Let the play call attention alone. And in any way use with a mullet blouse, is bad! Also avoid ruffles and fringes.

Ahhhh And unless your idea is to adopt the periguete look, flee those skirts that front are super short, glued and flowing tail excess.

If the look is for night use high-heeled sandals that look will be amazing!

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USB Smart TV

In technology you love you teach to connect the TV (see definitions on with all devices in the House. The Smart TV has taken a very important leap so we get it and today is very simple to connect all cable or via the WiFi that we have at home.

We have talked about them in depth and you have explained everything you need to know to connect the devices. However, many times we tend to forget one of them because we find it also in other sites such as our PC or laptop. We are speaking of USB, which can get a lot out of Internet meanings.

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How to Match Boho Jewelry

The jewels inspired from boho-chic is the new trend Spring / Summer 2016 fashion victim to which no one can resist, lively patterns and saucy in perfect line with the dictates coming from the catwalks of haute couture. In view of the warm season to dominate the scene will then maxi necklaces, pendants in the shape of feathers, colored charms and bracelets set of soft materials in the period aims nuances.

The Trends of Summer 2016

The boho-chic jewelry stood as one of the must-have Spring / Summer 2016 the most interesting of the moment, models that collect in itself the elements of fashion bohemian, hippie accents and 70s that really never go out of fashion, as demonstrated by us all the finest collections of the season. The lines of accessories of the great fashion houses and specialized brands are rich in creations of this type, often very original articles.

Jaws of the gauge’s Day have included among their new arrivals earrings with large pendants in the shape of feathers from the base in white gold, while Isabel Marant thought vertical earrings multi-strand interspersed with pastel charms. Maxi pendants (see in the shape of colorful feathers and stones mark the creations of Rosantica and Dolce & Gabbana, while low cost brands such as glamourous, accessorize and Asos aim at more eccentric items from showy pastel applications.

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How to Dress for Summer

Summer is a time where everyone should have fun. The days are long, we have Sun, and the beach is not called. It is the season appropriate to embrace your natural beauty and bring new trends. I leave here some tips to look beautiful in the summer.

You don’t apply too much makeup

The important thing is to take a very natural look almost as a kiss of the Sun, using little makeup accentuates your natural beauty instead of subtracting you attention.

  • You can start with some light Tan mineral powder or a moisturizer with dye. Apply as needed, according to wholesaleably.
  • In the cheekbones apply your favorite blush, always have to qualify.

Use a good shade of color

  • Eyelids have to apply a bronzed or Golden to get shadow to the brow. When you’re getting higher you must use fewer shadows.
  • Use balm to moisturize and protect your lips, and you can also use a fresh coat of mascara that is water proof.

Use sunscreens

Own a lobster skin not will be favorable and not healthy. You should also avoid tanning beds, because they cause cancer. Take Sun bath is good, but you should always use a sunscreen with SPF of 15-30. With this product you will avoid irritation and skin cancer.

Avoid damage by heat in your hair

To ensure that you will have a very natural look do not use curling irons and hair straightener, because the texture of your hair can possess a streamlined appearance. So, embrace your natural gifts instead of changing them.

  • For the popular beach in your hair, full waves a bottle of water and a teaspoon of salt. You wet your hair, either with a shower or manually, but never brush you. When the now-almost-dry hair, apply the mixture and Stokes your hair with your fingers. This home trick works best if you take in hair. Leave it to dry naturally.
  • Styles of hairstyles that you can also wear are: dishevelled horsetail, dancer high onion, twisted at the sides and loose braids hair. The look you choose has to be beautiful and should not need much effort.


How to Wear a Midi Skirt Casually?

The fashionistas classify midi skirt as a romantic piece, essential for the closet of those who enjoy the style lady like . The style is very 50s, when well behaved girls went to dances with length well below the knee. Has slight folds, does not exaggerate the frame even with the pleats. It is a skirt above all behaved, for the same classic.

Although quite remember the fans rock 50s and maybe the pictures of his grandmother, midi skirt moved very well to modern times.

You can see beautiful models in post fashion snag shops, slinger trends and brands. On the catwalks of the past shows you can check out many cool models with prints or not, and all very nice to compose the visual.

Models Tips and Skirts Midi Colors – How to Use

Not yet purchased your midi skirt? Go straight to a store and take advantage of the promotions season change. To guide your investment, we have some tips. One is related to the color. Smooth skirt is easier to match and raise the chances of a later use. The prints are striking station, so often dismissed as soon as the windows seen.

The black skirt will always be a good investment. The basic color goes with everything on top and survive the fashion spring/summer and autumn/winter without any damage to your closet. It is the most discreet color to invest, easier to match. They are in the same ease of combining the graphite gray tones, medium gray, brown, beige, ivory, blue and green moss. The keynotes cited are simple to combine and look good on tape in all seasons.

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Trend of Velvet Nail Art Designs

Thanks to those who love doing a different manicure, the world of nail art is not for bringing news.

For a long time the nail polish is considered a way to express themselves and show their own personality.

Do nail is to transform the enamel in a supplement to the daily look, bring up your own style. The fashion world has designed the enamel as a vital accessory on the catwalks. The nail art trends are also thrown on the catwalk.

In 2012 autumn winter runways of New York Fashion Week, the Ruffian brought velvet nail trend.

The cosmetics velvet nails developed specifically for the parade of Ruffian. With hairy texture and colors that combine with the cold weather, this decoration for nails made the greatest success! Continue reading Trend of Velvet Nail Art Designs


As you know those who have controlled me on Twitter a few days ago I published that on receiving the last bright sweets prepare an entry talking a bit about what I use to light my photos and today is the day … so … we the mess. the first thing to know is that the light can distinguish two main groups (warm or cold) easily by color. we called warm light to those lights that emit a yellow color, usually are flashlights with filament bulbs ( the lifelong, so we understand) as its name indicates, we convey a feeling of warmth in the scene. I usually use the lot to illuminate rocks in the foreground and also to paint the “models” that ever introduce them. Mini Maglite AA flashlight small and easy to use. Its high density bulb krypton (LM2A001 type) is powered by two AA batteries. Its low power makes a great ally to illuminate objects in the foreground and figures. The only fault I find is that the stream of light is uneven and depending on how focused we create a shadow in the center of the jet that can ruin the shot. Its price is around 15-20 €.


Ultrafire M5

flashlight medium sized, equipped with a LED brand Cree and type MC-E that emits a powerful warm light (4000 ° K by the seller) and powered by a battery 18650 is ideal for filling objects at any distance (without going over remoteness). The manufacturer claims that its power output is 700 lumens, but I think not even enough long, still has enough power. Its price is around 18 €.


3D Maglite

flashlight strong but easy to use. The two batteries of Type D feed your bulb (LWSA301) of krypton.Medium / high power, the first thing that strikes is so underpowered it seems at first, but is ideal for illuminating distant objects thanks to the possibility of concentrating its light jet. We can also use it without reflector as a “candle”, ideal to hold in hand as a torch and achieve an effect browser in some shots. You can also use it as a cudgel if the night is complicated lol. Its price is around 28-32 € on


Called cold light those lamps that emit a blue or white. They are usually used flashlights xenon bulbs (about 6000 ° K) of these are few and see. The most common are riding led the already popular thanks to its small consumption (eye, not all) and great autonomy reaching 100,000 hours.


Led Lenser M7R. (Rechargeable) Flashlight medium sized with possibility of concentrating its light jet about 220 lumens. Ability to control its power, makes it ideal for illuminating objects both short and middle distance even getting good results squeezing their potential to illuminate objects at long distance. Its LED type high power is supplied by a battery of type 18650 Li-ION 2200mAh and 3.7V that give it a range of about 20 hours (somewhat less according to my tests) Its price is somewhat higher and is around 140 €.


Led Lenser front H7R2. (Rechargeable)

Indispensable to move freely around the locations, leaving both hands free for climbing, hang or whatever it takes. Has a powerful Xtreme Power LED series powered by a 3.7 V lithium battery it is able to launch a powerful beam of light of 300 lumens. It has a simple control system luminous flux from 5 lumens in its most tenuous way to 300 at full power. Like M7R, also it has a system power management SLT (Smart Ligth Technology) that lets you select different modes of battery management mode (constant discharge or energy saving mode) and different light modes using a single pulse system. Its price is around 90 €

Nail Polish with Risky Technology

Hello “enamel”. News on air!

Enamel is the treat of fashion for many women. The nail polish is no longer considered just a detail, is an integral part of the construction of the look. Who does not think the enamel when has an event to go? Any celebration, a party, a graduation, a wedding … The glaze has its place.

Don’t just use the nail polish sets! You need to have healthy nails and beautiful to use the beautiful glazes available on the market.

Weak, brittle, dehydrated nails are the complaint of many women. Cosmetics can be great allies. To treat your nails with the deserved care, now the market has the Line Risqué Technology. In fact, this is a reissue. Four bottles for nail care.

Know what each offers, according to the Risque:

  • Risky Technology glossy cover: to increase the brightness of the enamel and make it last longer.
  • Risky Technology Reestruturadora Base: to retrieve nails that breaks and chips easily. The formula contains vitamin F and a strengthening complex.
  • Risky Technology Leveling Base: this is for anyone who has ripples on the nails. The nail polish lets you more beautiful!
  • Risky Technology Night Repairman: oil to treat your nails at bedtime. The formula has sesame oil, keratin, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins.

Complement the care with the tips to avoid weak nails.

The suggested retail price of each glass is R$ 3.20 and is now available. What did you think of the stickers?

We want to know what you think! Do you know any Risky Technology product? Do you like it? What did you think of this news? Comment!

The Secrets To Choose Jewelry

You may have noticed that in summer there is jewelry that do not expose at least one gem in Raspberry. Has always been considered the stone cult of summer, Although in some particular nuance of color you can safely use even in winter.

In Taormina the showcases are full of coral strands and also very original creations.This past weekend I was in Cilento and even there no shortage of jewelry with the coral of Torre del Greco, one of the most famous of this stone.

I reported an interesting view on coral in Sicily but to satisfy the curiosity of Super-Alive and as she undergoes the charm of this wonderful stone, here I talk about it some more. With great pleasure, mind you. Continue reading The Secrets To Choose Jewelry

New Collection of Colorama Nail Polish: Super Color

The “enamel” on duty will go crazy with another release of polish collection. The glaze is an essential accessory for the modern woman and helps to give an “up” in any look.

Want an idea for a glaze “arrived”? Place a white t-shirt, jeans and a glaze. What to wear? How about the famous espadrilles? Or, an all-star for a visual alternative? Or perhaps a pair of beautiful sandals?

The Colorama has released another collection of enamels that promise to heat up the market and leave the competition concerned, which is much more beautiful than the collection “Turn the Baiana of Carnival.

“The Super Colors” is the name of the new collection! Totally inspired by the universe of the heroines, of comics … Eight colors are well pigmented. It steals the attention of those who love the nails.

The colors are: Bionic Blue (blue strong line varnish & color), Grey Wildcard (normal, creamy grey), Orange Rubber (reddish orange, creamy), Mutant Brown (brown with subtle touch of lilac, creamy), Incredible Pink (pink, varnish and color line), Ultraviolet (violet well pigmented, creamy), Atomic Mustard (mustard color, sparkling), Green Ninja (green water, creamy).

In reality, the ultraviolet, the Amazing Pink and gray colors are Wildcard, which are very similar to what other brands of glazes have already launched on the market. Now, all other colors are really amazing. My favorites in this collection are Orange Elastic and the Mustard.

I would now like to know what you guys think! What did you think of super collection colors of Colorama? What’s your favorite color? Comment on!

Fashion Trends Long Dresses 2016

For a few seasons the long dresses were left out of the agenda of fashionistas. The reason is simple: we must be basic and simple to be beautiful for any event. Long has its glamour, but it was highlighted the need to show a little more body and less tissue in order to give more value to the gorgeous and beautiful long. And as he does not do well at any time and not with all kinds of bodies, users liked. But he’s there again, with several bets to pump between long clothes for 2016.


Models and Colors of Long Dress for 2016

You can not help but notice in the windows and shows how fashion was discreet.

No neon prints or color blocking, something fancy past the fashionistas Europeans. We’re going back to the last century beginning of the roots and inspiration in the most closed trends and possible understated elegance. A great example is the return of black and white duo, both pants and blouses with beautiful conjuntinhos as dresses, either in stripes (another inspiration from the past) or just basic black and white, simple and pure. We owe much of it to Coco Chanel there the beginnings of its designer, who preached closed and stylish shades for women of high society and has pioneered end the use of fancy stamping on feminine dresses.

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The Sweatshirt Marco Ferrero with La Resistance

During the fashion week, around Milan, you may encounter the new “style setters” of worship at this moment: Marco Ferrero. Which together with the friends of La Resisitence has created a limited edition high rate of hip hop!

If you’ve unleashed at night to party most exclusive Fashion Week, do not believe that you can laze the day. The parade procession, the mission is to be present on location and create your own unique look that will make you notice. You could be immortalized by the objective of the team Marco Ferrero and become the star of the day of his seguitissimo fashion and lifestyle blog. Continue reading The Sweatshirt Marco Ferrero with La Resistance

New Collection of Impala Nail Polish:Train of Life

What will be the 2012 autumn winter color, clothes, winter’s shoe, the darker makeup … Everyone wants to know about what’s going to heat up the coldest season of the year.

Nowadays, the selection of colors of the glazes is much stricter than they used to. There is a concern with the color trends of the season, with the Brazilian consumer acceptance and, even, with the identity of the mark shown in the collection.

In this post, I want to show the collection “Train of life”. The name of the collection associates woman’s life with its various stages and the valuation of each moment. As if life was a moving train, following trip. Very cool concept in this collection!

According to Impala:

“The names refer to the most beautiful memories and unique moments in the life of each woman, as for example: meeting with friends, watch the sunset, be free and enjoy freedom, have a network to rest, create their own identity and style and enjoy every second of your life.”

The brand brings creamy glaze, metallic, gloss and duo color. High Gloss technology is as the name implies: gloss, shine effect more intense in color ever to duo color technology, the color of the enamel varies with the light. I was wondering that technology is not the color chrome (multi effect glaze) and mark wanted to call in a different way.

The colors are: Joy (purple duo color), music box (creamy coral), Lie in the network (bright aubergine – high gloss), Folk (hiperbrilho wine-high gloss), Patchwork (blue metallic), picnic (creamy enamel red), Green Bird (metallic blue-green glaze), Wine Suede (creamy enamel purple).

I like the Patch and Green Bird. Coral is beautiful too! The purple, wine and the like are very similar with others we’ve seen. Do you like the nail polish?

The colors are well distinct from the nail trends for autumn winter on the runway.

Do you like the collection “Train of life”? What are your favorite colors? Comment! I love to know what you guys think about the releases of enamels.

Which Travel Backpack to Choose?


There are those who prefer to travel by trolley, who with the bag or backpack. In my view the choice of luggage is done based on the type of trip you are about to embark on. Basically if you do ass walking or change many means, the backpack is the best choice, it is much more practical and convenient to carry. Also, the place is important, if the target is an underdeveloped country with battered roads and dirty, the trolley is discouraged.
We analyze some pros and cons:

Pro backpack

  • Easy transportation. Move to the city between steps, cobbled and public transport is extremely easier
  • The hands are always free
  • It is comfortable to wear
  • Easy to stow in the locker and media magazines

Against backpack

  • Are often damaged during boarding, the straps are torn and the content is poorly protected against impacts
  • Quality backpacks are more expensive than a trolley
  • Typically a backpack is more roomy and you are likely to fill it with unnecessary things
  • Even in the case of physical problems we will have to carry the weight of the backpack

Pro trolley

  • It’s less tiring to carry, of course the weight of the baggage does not burden on our shoulders but on wheels
  • The preparation of the case is simpler, as well as the content search
  • Our personal belongings are safe from bumps and is harder than the baggage is broken. Of course, if the guy doing his job correctly and not roll the bags as if they were pebbles
  • Don’t worry too much about the weight, because there is the problem of doverselo put on your shoulder

Against trolley

  • Awkward to carry around town, on stairs and streets little smooth
  • The wheels may be damaged on rough terrain and during boarding
  • Move into crowded places can be frustrating
  • The hands are always busy

Trekking backpack

Regarding backpacks are two alternatives: use a backpack, or a specific template. The choice should be made based on individual need: go on a holiday of pure trekking through the mountains, or are you searching a baggage convenient to carry than the classic trolley?

In recent years many companies have started to develop specific backpacks for travel, in the past the only possibility was to use the classic template. The latter has some limitations to be considered:

Limited access to clothes and material. Hiking backpacks usually have only the top door, which makes it necessary to unpack everything whenever we need to get something inside. For a short trip you can also turn a blind eye, but for long trips it gets rather annoying.
The top door is convenient for excursions, during which each time we arrive at your destination totally empty the backpack to set up. Instead, travelers don’t want to remove all whenever we move, but we just take the things we need at that time.
The backpack is equipped with lots of straps: to secure the pick-axe, Poles, crampons, to compress the content and adjust the position on your back. Functions useful for hiking but often unnecessary for a trip. The main problem is that you can embed anywhere, especially on the luggage conveyor at the airport, at the risk of damaging the bag.
If you loaded a backpack (but) I suggest you wrap it with the “films” at the airport, or place it in a bag rain cover. In addition to the problem of the belts, it sometimes happens that the luggage had been left in the pouring rain for some time during boarding, use with a cover can help keep your clothes dry.
In this regard the council the great sack Tatonka.

Travel backpack

The idea behind these templates is simple: the opening of the backpack is the same as that of a normal suitcase, so you can access the contents without problems. It is also almost always included a backpack “son” of a few litres for day trips, you can attach easily to the “mother” with a zip.
However not all gold that glitters, even the travel packs have their flaws, which are mainly related to the suspension system.
The shoulder straps and belt generally are not as advanced as in comfortable trekking backpacks are designed for wearing a backpack shortly and not to make long excursions. So, as I wrote earlier, if you plan to do several days walk from backpack trip perhaps is not the right choice.
The hinges which close the backpack are not always verified prior to purchase high quality, they are robust and possibly waterproof. In any case, I reiterate that the rain cover must always be purchased.
The shape of the bag is a little squarer and less balanced than its predecessor, although some companies are making several improvements to about by introducing multipurpose models.

With regard to the ability I would recommend stay within the 60 litres, unless special needs. Travel with a backpack too heavy is inconvenient and tiring.

Osprey Farpoint 55

It is perhaps the world’s most popular travel backpack, this is because it contains several features that make it a great product: comfortable, functional, easy to refill and sturdy.
The main building has a total of 40 liters of volume, able to accommodate garments and accessories for over two weeks of travel. The backpack from 15 liters is ideal for day trips, is practical, light and there are numerous pockets.
It is comfortable to wear and the load is well distributed on the back, thanks to the belt that keeps the bag in position. It can also be used for walking, because it is a very practical and comfortable, obviously not fully loaded because the straps are not very cushioned.
The models are waterproof, 3:55 (40L +15), 70 (55 + 15) each model has 2 sizes S/M and M/L.
I think it’s the travel backpack with the best value for money.

Deuter Traveller 70 + 10

Travel backpack of the famous German House, the Interior is very spacious and full of knitted pockets where to put small items. The bottom compartment can be isolated or connected to the main building.
It is very comfortable, shoulder straps and belt are padded and designed excellent, nothing to envy to a model. Same features for the backpack “by day”, well made and very comfortable to wear thanks to the strap at the height of the sternum.
The thing that I was not convinced much has the size, I think it’s far too large and you are likely to fill it with useless stuff.
It was also a “feminine” smaller version (Traveller 60 + 10 SL) because women have a shorter back on average than that of men. SL models have slightly shorter than standard backs, therefore they are also very suitable for people with a short back, irrespective of their gender.

A high quality, comfort and travel backpack finishes.

Cabin Max backpack carry-on

Time ago I bought this Pack to use as hand luggage on flights low cost, are satisfied with the purchase and then I plugged it in the list.
I begin by saying that we are talking about a product from 35 €, so one should not expect to have a backpack of quality comparable to the models listed above. However, has some good features, which are useful for short trips.
First, it is very light and very much larger than a regular trolley because you can press your clothes thanks to belts on the sides.
It is convenient to carry, a backpack is certainly more practical and you travel with ease, it is also relatively light given the dimensions.
The measure is 54x44x 29.5, slightly larger than that permitted ryanair (55x40x20) but is not a problem, being soft you can collapse easily. I’ve never had any problems when boarding.
Ultimately, quality is good, I don’t know how to hold shoulder seams, but at that price I’ve found something better. I recommend it.

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil

It is not just a travel backpack, I plugged it because it’s very useful as an “emergency” or backpack to use throughout the day, leaving the trolley in the hotel. When closed is curdling in its shell and fits in the palm of your hand, you can store in your bag or in a fanny pack. From open becomes a comfortable backpack 20 litres, spacious and relatively sturdy, of course is not suitable for transporting heavy loads.

Tatonka, backpack bag

When I travel with backpack I always use this bag, especially if I’m using a backpack mountaineering equipment that does not have the ability to hide the straps. It is durable and functional, I highly recommend you consider purchasing a bag of this type.

Shopping advice

Very often I shop on this site, because the prices are good and the shipping/return service is the best I have ever tried.
The shipping is free for orders over € 19, but is there a way to not pay for purchases of less.
By signing up you will have for 30 days free delivery in 1/2 days of work, useful for example during Christmas time to make purchases. But we must remember to cancel your subscription within 30 days, otherwise it will start paying € 19.99.
My advice is to cancel your subscription immediately after purchasing the product, the service still remains active on probation for 30 days.

Choosing Eyeglasses for Face Shape

The trend for female eyeglasses in the year of 2016, is the glasses with colored frames, which are going to be more beautiful and colorful in the hottest season of the year.

The colors are going to invade the market of sale of glasses frames in retro glasses, and they will bring back all charm and style of the past. This model of female glasses with colored frame are recommended for those with a modern and cheerful style, with that the colors will show the individual personality of each.

The glasses will be found in a variety of materials, such as: plastic, acetate or metal. All of these types of materials will be present in the trend of 2016.

Many people think that the glasses are just “disrupting the visual sense”, but currently the glasses will be added on your look and it’s going to be another accessory that will stand out and even make you become more beautiful. So you have to be very careful in choosing, so you have to take some factors into consideration such as shape of face, skin tone and hair , which will greatly help you in choosing your frame.

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New Collection of Colorama Nail Polish: Africa to View

The autumn winter fashion is everything!

Clothing, shoes, cosmetics, accessories and even unique glazes of the season.

The inspirations for the glazes are varied and each mark will get its own formula. What they have in common? The colors of winter 2012 fashion straight to your nails! Trendy nail trends are increasingly interesting. The truth is that everything is very varied and modern! Choose your preferred style.

The Colorama Nail Polish was inspiration in Africa for their winter collection. Rugged, earthy colors, cheerful, ethnic … This is the collection “Africa in sight”. Colors resemble the fabrics with African prints. This proposal really is. I love the stamping. They are all cheerful and very beautiful, and perfect blends of colors.

There are 8 colors: Root (a rough Brown), Dirt (Brown), Night (purple), Endless Sea (green), Desert Flower (Pink Beach), Vine (Beige Nude), Banana (yellow) and, finally, Blue Horizon (light blue with touches of lilac).

The colors are quite different from the trends for winter fashion nails that showed online.

My favorite color in this collection is the “Vine” (this nude Beige). Appreciate that it’s a nude tone that seems to be different. The earth tones are the face of winter! I loved it too! Isn’t that right?

Do you like the collection “Africa in sight” of Colorama? What is your favorite color? Comment!

Vintage Jeans in Big Sizes

It is very difficult there is anyone on this earth that does not have any play you want in jeans, a pair of pants, a shirt, shorts, skirts, coveralls, dress, jacket, our never ends options haha. In addition, there is another piece as versatile as her? You can use in a casual, informal, formal, modern and so on… And today I’m going to show you two trends that are about everything and we have to keep an eye because she comes to stay.

The maxi jacket jeans is a sooo used nowadays and it’s hard to find a look that she doesn’t fall well. Going back a little there for 80 years where she was super trend, according to Babyinger, this play has ceased to be proper in the body and became largadinha giving that style into your look. I’m sure this jacket will be okay with everything and in any season besides fit in all styles. Have you picked yours?

If you already have a pair of jeans destroyed already know how stylish she is and how versatile too. The RIP size you want on your pants will according to your taste and is very cool when the look is more stripped down and creative. How to use and when? Love, uses with you-and in any season. It’s cold? Puts a pantyhose underneath which is very cool and different, I’ve tried and loved it.

Tell me you didn’t fall more for jeans after this post? It’s impossible that you don’t have at least one of these at home and if you still don’t have a jeans to call their own, runs because he’s super high and will stay for a long time! If you get inspired to assemble a beautiful look to rock this weekend and don’t forget to check me in the picture that I want to see how it looks.

Vintage Women’s Shoes

Amigaaaa, I’m already dying to renew the wardrobe for 2016 and you? But what I want is to even see what’s new for our feet in 2016.

I’ve been giving a good searched in specialized magazines, international fashion sites and these “fashion weeks” of life and I will tell you: The main focus is in the colors and red, so it seems, comes with everything in the summer 2015, it is a warm and striking color, all about the summer. Other hot colors also appear, orange and coral for example.

All kinds of shoes come with trends for 2015, but the sandals are our escudeiras faithful and right are with us always, are jack of all trades.

So it is these that we speak today, the sandals are fashionable for next year, for all seasons, but the fashion for the summer is always the most talked about right.

The colors already mentioned some above, but the pastel tones and nude will also have a strong contribution to the next year.

The high mega jumps still super trendy, especially those thicker, straight called stake or paw half, and tratorados. Sandals with these jumps can be used both in the workplace and in more sophisticated parties.

These jumps straight match better with those who have thicker legs, because if used with those who have thin legs are very gross and tune even more legs.

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New Collection of Risque Nail Polish

The releases of enamels Risque won’t stop! Do you remember that I had shown the line to treat nails, Risqué Technology?

The brand now brings its autumn winter collection. What is the winter nail polish? This is the question that won’t shut up! The brand brings another partnership with the famous designer Reinaldo Lourenco as the 6 glazes with the “face” of winter.

This is the collection brought by Risqué Gotta. The collection itself has closed and dark tones (with the exception of this Green).The earthy tones will be high on the next station, violet, blue and red, which is always a basic color of every winter.

According to mark:

“Each of these colors is enough to arouse desire, fascination and give wishes of experience:” I have to have this enamel in unanimous reaction “to see what’s new.”

The colors are:

  • Red key: a pinkish red.
  • New Blue: the blue tone of winter.
  • Grey uncertain: a shade of gray very different, with an earthy touch, unlike anything that has appeared. I really want to see this on the nail! The question is: is it really.
  • Purple Chic: a violet discreet. The winter of Risqué is chic!
  • Green: a common green. I didn’t think it was so overpowering that shade of green. Doesn’t have as much winter elegant face. You have to see the color on the nails.
  • Missing Brown: Brown pure! Tom earthy always combines with winter. Isn’t that right, people?

The entire collection will be on sale from March and each bottle costs R$ 3.10 (suggested retail price).

There’s nothing much new in this collection. It can be a path to build the basic look of winter.

We want to know what you think! Do you enjoy the collection “Risqué have to have”? Comment here.