6 Weeks Pregnancy

After six weeks of pregnancy, your baby is only a few millimeters, but now your heart beats fast and strong. If you hear it during a medical examination or ultrasound test, it sounds something like accelerated a horse galloping. The speed of your heartbeat is normal for this gestational stage.

  • Your baby measures: between 0.08 and 0.16 inches (2 to 5 mm)
  • More or less of the size: an Apple seed

Even so of tiny, your baby develops to giant steps. This week they begin to form facial, like eyes and nose features, and the small holes where are his ears. Also started its development the extremities, digestive and respiratory systems, the brain, muscles and bones.

Prenatal care

Prenatal care is the health care you receive in a systematic manner during your pregnancy. The early and consistent care throughout the pregnancy is key to ensure your well-being and that of your baby.

It is ideal to start your antenatal care before becoming pregnant, when you begin to plan your pregnancy.

However, since the majority of pregnancies are unplanned, you must start it as soon as possible, by between six to eight weeks of pregnancy, according to the official of the Department of health guidelines of United States.

If you have a normal and high-risk pregnancy, appointments are usually monthly in the first months, and more often during the last weeks of pregnancy. At every appointment, your doctor carries out evaluations of routine, like your blood pressure, weight, urine testing and measurement of your uterus. Occasionally, you must also perform additional tests to diagnose or rule out the risk of having complications. Learn more about these and other important details on antenatal care on .


Windows Phone Notifications Will Be Adapted as on 8.1 iPhone

Leaked picture of settings for the forthcoming notification center with Windows Phone 8.1 promises good news for users.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone-phones users have long had to do without real push notifications, and a gathering place for doing so, as competitors on iOS and Android have long had.

When we earlier on the mobile site could tell about Windows Phone 8.1-here is the news, we could also reveal that future updates would bring a similar “notification center” to the patient users.

A leaked picture reveals now they use whatever settings to function, which so promises good news, since it confirms that the function will get similar customization options that already exist on iOS devices. It writes our site. Continue reading Windows Phone Notifications Will Be Adapted as on 8.1 iPhone

11 Weeks of Pregnancy

Looking for two coins of five U.S. cents (nickels) and place them in the Palm of your hand. This is what your baby weighs on the 11 weeks of pregnancy. And the most amazing thing of all is that with just 10 grams of weight, your little already nearly looks like the baby you will have in your arms in a few months.

  • Your baby measures: between 1.5 and 2 inches (3.81-5 centimeters)
  • More or less of the size of: your thumb

Your baby

Eleven weeks pregnant your baby looks like a tiny version of the small that you’ll soon have arms. Although his head is still larger than the rest of his body, his torso starts to lengthen and straighten, and limbs are long and thin. This week also separate fingers of the hands and feet (before were United by a membrane, like the fingers of ducks or frogs).

Much remains to make it breathe on their own, but already his nose has open nostrils. Your ears will take its final form and there are hair follicles, where his hair come in the following months.

Your little mouth has a well-formed tongue and palate. The diaphragm also begins to develop, and soon your baby will have hiccups. Once you can feel its movements, in a few weeks, you can also feel when you have hiccups.

Their external genitalia continue their development and soon will be identifiable. Your baby, if you are a woman, also develops her ovaries near this week.

As it grows, your child also learns to manipulate her body. At 11 weeks of pregnancy some bones begin to harden and already your little can open and close your hands, move their limbs, swallow, move her mouth, stretching his back, and take turns in your uterus. Missing a few weeks so that you can feel all of this activity, but you can be sure that your baby is very busy all day.

Your body

If you have two or more pregnancies, or are very thin texture, perhaps you start to notice your belly around this week – and insurance your pants have done so you know in advance!

For first-time moms, the belly will take longer to notice, perhaps around four or five months pregnant.

With the changes in your body also come changes in your wardrobe, and it is the perfect time for a shopping trip to maternal clothing store. Perhaps in a home not you consider it necessary, but takes into account that your pregnancy clothes use it only a few months, and if you want to get out of this inevitable investment, it is not such a bad idea to start using it before.


Samsung Dishes into-Now the Android Look Like Android

Samsung and Google’s agreement helps not only in court cases, but will lead to greater cooperation on the look of Android.

The other day we could write that Google and Samsung have teamed up for a 10-year agreement, but it was the few who knew of the scope of the agreement and now begins to sprinkle more information forward.

Many indications as to the fact that the two giants will cooperate on how Android should look like in the future. That they will go together on the design comes on the back of many who came with enough during CES where Samsung presented the new Android tablets, which had not Samsung’s TouchWiz, but Magazine UX, which most of all looks like a mix between Windows 8 and lifestyle magazines. Continue reading Samsung Dishes into-Now the Android Look Like Android

21 Weeks of Pregnancy

If half plus one is most, then, to reach the 21 weeks of pregnancy because you are in the final phase of your waiting. This week your baby continues to juggle in your womb thanks to his muscle development, and you can also have a taste of your meals through the amniotic fluid.

  • Your baby measures: 10.5 inches (a little more than 26 cm)
  • More or less than the height of: a box of cereal.
  • Weight: 13 oz (369 g), what weighs more or less a soccer ball.

Your baby

Did you already feel your baby’s movements? Pregnant women, especially mothers experienced, most manage to identify the subtle movements of her small at this point. At the beginning they are small flutters in your abdomen, something like gas or butterflies in the stomach, and increase in intensity as your baby grows (see instructions to feel your baby’s movements at 18 weeks of pregnancy).

If you don’t feel your baby move at the first attempt, be calm, maybe that you sleeping.

At its 21 weeks gestation, your little has a similar sleep cycle to the of a newborn, and can sleep between 12 and 14 hours a day.

The taste of your baby for food and the preference of flavors begins to form from the womb. Around 21 weeks of pregnancy, the taste buds of your baby start your development and your baby can prove everything that comes through the amniotic fluid which swallows. Therefore if you like spicy food, it is likely that your baby would prefer it also because it has already had a taste before he was born.

Other milestones in its development this week:

  • The marrow of your little is already formed and began to produce red blood cells.
  • His eyelids are well formed and remain closed.

Your body

Around these dates you can see one of those little attractive second-trimester pregnancy symptoms: stretch marks. It’s a color pink or purple scars (then changed to white or coffee) that appear as a result of a sudden stretch your skin. Most frequently appear in the abdomen, but you can also have them in the chest, hips, buttocks and back (because all your skin is stretched in a pregnancy).

You can moisturize your tummy with cream skin to prevent dryness and itching, but there is little you can do to avoid the appearance of stretch marks. More than half of pregnant women have them, thanks to a genetic factor: If your mother had them during pregnancy, it is likely that you are also going to have them. A sudden and excessive weight gain or obesity in pregnancy also make you more prone to stretch marks.

The fifth month of pregnancy is an ideal time to start thinking about taking childbirth classes. There are different philosophies and methods, from those who advocate a childbirth natural without intervention of third parties, to those who want to plan and take advantage of all available medical and pharmacological resources. The most suitable type depends on you. You can ask about prenatal courses in your locality in your doctor’s office or in the hospital. You can also take a look at these resources:


When Will the Sony Xperia Out Z1 Compact?

Friends of the Sony Xperia Z1 compact beware! Only a few times sleep, then it’s time: in the 5th week of the calendar. Pre-order you can already now in four great colours!

The Xperia Z1 Compact is one of the few compact smartphones now coming on the market and are really only in its form, but not in their equipment, compact. The new, small Sony Smartphone Xperia Z1 Compact is somewhat smaller than the Xperia Z1 with its 5-inch display with its 4.3-inch Triluminos touchscreen display in the diameter, in terms of facilities, the Xperia Z1 needs to hide compact but not behind its big brother: the equipment of the small Xperia Z1 Compact is almost the same as when the Xperia Z1. For example, the camera equipment is the same: the camera of Xperia Z1 Compact has also 20.7 megapixel, image stabiliser and Sony’s Bionz-mobile image processor for noise reduction. The display of the new Xperia Z1 Compact is so sensitive, you can control it still top notch in winter with gloves. The resolution can be seen: is 1,280 x 720 pixels. The Smartphone’s memory is 16 GB – who wants to expand but it via micro SD card up to 64 GB. How models is also the most new Xperia Xperia Z1 compact IP55 and IP58 water and dust resistant. And in the design of the headphone jack of the Xperia have Z1 Compact is the Sony designers really what thought: the headphone jack is sealed from the inside – so she must be not sealed with a plug, if it is wet.

You can find the new Sony Xperia Z1 compact class? On Handyinraten.de, you can pre-order the Xperia Z1 compact in black, white, pink or yellow with a mobile finance. And best of all: the mobile finance you can choose the amount of the monthly rates that you pay off your Xperia Z1 compact, even you!

Apple Sends out Bug Fixes with iOS 7.0.5, But Not for All

Update iOS 7.0.5 addressed netværkproblemer for users of iPhone 5 and 5S in China, is now also reached Europe.

After that Apple has just gotten 760 million new potential customers to the iPhone in January, has reportedly been network problems with the new iPhones over there.

Tech-giant is as usual fast out with bug fixes in the form of iOS 7.0.5 addressed network error on iPhone 5 c and iPhone 5S sold in China. It writes our site.

However, the message update now also available several places in Europe, and here at our site is the cropped up for iPhone 5S. European iOS users with iPhone 5 c or 5S receiving update, without worries install it directly on the iPhone under: Settings, General, Software Update. Continue reading Apple Sends out Bug Fixes with iOS 7.0.5, But Not for All

17 Weeks of Pregnancy

Arriving at the 17 weeks of pregnancy your baby starts to build up fat and you gain weight (completely normal and necessary) in both cases. While your little heart beats to pace, heal rearranges to accommodate the uterus that almost reaches the level of the navel.

  • Your baby measures: 6 inches (a little more than 15 centimeters)
  • More or less of the size: the length of a U.S. dollar bill.
  • Weight: 5 oz (141 g), what weighs more or less an Apple.

Your baby

At 17 weeks of pregnancy, your baby begins to form and accumulate the fat that will give you his angelic appearance at birth. But rather than issue of look, that fat fulfills a very important function of keeping the baby’s temperature and regulate your metabolism.

In addition, at this stage the ducts in your lungs develop and prepare to inhale oxygen, although for now they do not breathe more than amniotic fluid. Your little also practiced motions necessary to swallow and suck.

If you have an ultrasound at this time perhaps you can see him doing these movements, and even taking hand to mouth.

Your heart beats 140 to 150 times per minute, double the speed of an adult heartbeat. You sounds fast, this rhythm is completely normal for gestational age. And another great advance is that his heart is now controlled by the brain.

Still harden their bones and their circulatory and urinary systems are in operation.

As your baby grows and gains strength, its umbilical cord is also extended and strengthened to meet the increasing demands of a larger baby.

Your body

Your belly is already evident and you can have increased between five and ten pounds (of 2.25 to 4.5 kilograms). As already nausea are gone, your appetite takes effect and cravings can do his thing. Although worry you get too weight, tries to focus on the quality of the food, not limit amount. From now on, it is now normal that increase around one pound (0.45 kilograms) per week (more on this topic on How is distributed weight in pregnancy?).

As your uterus grows, other organs in your body are reacomodados. Your intestines, for example, begin to push back and side of your trunk (with the inevitable side effect on your digestive system).

Although much remains for childbirth, there is something you can be doing to better prepare you: Kegel exercises. It is contractions of the muscles of the pelvic floor. Put in simpler terms, what you do is tighten your internal muscles as if you were urinating and you want to interrupt the flow.

Kegel exercises help prevent urinary incontinence caused by pregnancy, improve circulation in the lower area of your body and strengthen the muscles to facilitate the second stage of labor.


Lenovo Buys Motorola for Much Less Than What Google Paid

Quite unexpectedly søgiganten Google has now sold the American mobile phone manufacturer for Lenovo, but container, however, most of the patents.

Completely out of the blue air informs Google now in a press release that søgegigaten has signed an agreement to sell Motorola to Lenovo for 2.91 billion dollars. It writes our site.

Apparently it seems that Lenovo has done a good deal, given that Google previously paid 12.5 billion dollars for the limping mobile manufacturer. After their previously acquired by IBM’s PC business in 2005, Chinese Lenovo could boast of being the world’s largest PC manufacturer, and so on, there are indications that they will also put their stamp on the mobile market. Continue reading Lenovo Buys Motorola for Much Less Than What Google Paid

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact: That Want I Have!

Starting next week, it’s time with us: we are supplied with the new Sony Xperia Z1 compact and you can order it from us! Today we were with us in the Office keep ever one in the hands, test the functionality and extensively to play around. Our first impression? Wow! I want to have it!

Sony is really succeeded with the new and beautiful handy Xperia Z1 compact a piece of cake. The Xperia Z1 Compact is, as the name implies, the compact version of the Xperia Z1. And that’s true too, because Compact is one of the few compact versions of successful phones that cope may bear the name of its big brother, the Xperia Z1 because the mobile phone is equipped with almost same technology actually like the Xperia Z1. The phone is very compact and easy to grip and can be kept well in hand. It has a very high quality metal housing that gives him a pretty elegant and stylish look – we had really incredibly good the Xperia Z1 compact in the colour white looks in the hands and it. Processing: the phone is knotless processed at first glance. On second glance should also be that, because the Xperia Z1 is compact – Moreover most Xperia models to IP55 and IP58 water- and dust-protected. The designers of Sony but not only paid attention to that part of the optically doing here, they thought with right in the design of the headphone jack: is sealed from the inside, and must not be closed with a plug. The display of the mobile phone is a 4.3-inch touch screen with Triluminos screen and a more than respectable resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels. It responds immediately to the smallest touch and is so sensitive that you can control it still even with thick gloves on their fingers. The camera is the same as for the Xperia Z1: she’s got 20.7 mega pixels, an image stabilizer and Sony’s Bionz-mobile image processor for noise reduction. Z1 compact a Snapdragon-800-quad-core processor with 2.2 GHz provides for the power of the new Sony Xperia. The internal memory is 16 GB, if you want more to expand it via micro SD card up to 64 GB.

You want to have the Sony Xperia Z1 compact? With us you get the Xperia Z1 Compact with a mobile financing, in which you can choose the rates even you!

15 Weeks of Pregnancy

To the 15 weeks of pregnancy your little keeps busy practicing their movements, large and small. Meanwhile, you occupy your time getting you to symptoms of pregnancy in the second trimester.

  • Your baby measures: 4.5 inches
  • More or less of the size: the diameter of a compact disc.
  • Weight: 2.5 ounces (70 grams), the same that half cup of flour

Your baby

Your baby spends his days very busy, develop, grow, and move – your new favorite pastime. Meet 15 weeks of pregnancy, your little already has the ability to move all parts of your body, and loves to kick, move arms, thumb sucking and spinning in your belly. Also has greater control over small movements, as his mouth (swallowing amniotic fluid) and respiratory system (with which practice the movements needed to breathe, although it will not do so until after birth).

If you are a veteran in this pregnancy, perhaps start to feel the movements of your little these days or in the coming weeks.

At the beginning it is difficult to identify them, as they are subtle sensations in your abdomen. Many mothers describe them as tingling, bubbles or butterflies in the stomach, as they are almost imperceptible. They are frequently confused with sounds and normal movements of your digestive, such as hunger or gas system. Moms probably notice the movements of your baby around 20 weeks of pregnancy.

This week the taste buds of your baby develops. Also your little acquires the ability to perceive light, although his eyes remain closed.

Your body

In pregnancy, your heart works by two. See more. At this point, it is pumping 20% extra blood for your baby, and this percentage reaches 50% of your normal blood flow at the end of your pregnancy.

Other normal symptoms in the second trimester of pregnancy:

  • Pregnant brain. Difficulty concentrating, distraction and lack of memory, due in part to the hormones of pregnancy. This is somewhat controversial, as not all women experience it, and there are so many studies that they refute it as others confirming it.
  • Sensitive gums. The hormones of pregnancy are also responsible for your gums swell and be more sensitive. A little bleeding in the gums when you brush you teeth or using dental floss is normal, but more severe bleeding requires care, because it may be sign of complications.
  • Bleeding in the nose. Due to excessive blood flow in your body during pregnancy, blood vessels expand and you can have slight bleeding.
  • Nasal congestion (rhinitis of pregnancy). High levels of estrogen in pregnancy do to mucous membranes to swell.
  • Skin changes. Your skin can darken in certain areas, have acne, more hair, stretch marks, itching and excessive sweating.
  • Indigestion and acidity. Because pregnancy hormones and changes in the position of your stomach as growing your uterus.
  • Pain in the lower part of the abdomen. These discomforts are common as the muscles and ligaments in your lower abdomen are stretched and must support the weight of your uterus.

As part of your prenatal tests, between 15 and 18 weeks of pregnancy you can have the test triple scan, which is a blood test that determines the probability that your baby suffer chromosomal abnormalities. This test is recommended for all pregnant women. Although their results indicate only a probability, is the starting point that your doctor uses to determine if you need additional tests such as amniocentesis.


NASA Released the Biggest Selfie of All Time

At first glance, recent satellite images of the Earth look quite beautiful pixelated. No wonder: Behind that an action of the NASA – at closer zoom, the image of the moon as a mosaic of thousands of Selfies turns. Madness!

Almost exactly a month ago, NASA called for a special action: April 22 was Earth Day, and people from all over the world should send the U.S. air and space agency of Selfies. These images should be shared with the Hashtag #globalselfie and offer an answer to the question: “Where on earth you are right now?” Silence was followed by a few weeks, on Thursday, NASA presented the result of the action: a mosaic with 36,000 Selfies from 113 countries, which were mounted on a satellite image of the Earth. On this can you infinitely zoom in and even the individual Selfies recognize – the resolution of the recording is whopping 3.2 gigapixel.

Total gathered more than 50,000 images had reached the NASA via Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Facebook and Google +. No wonder that it took some time to sift all these shots and put together a mosaic. The result is impressive in any case. Matching the authority has published a video on YouTube on Wednesday, in which some of Selfies can be seen. Did you get want to make own Selfies? We tell you here are some tips on how you get to the perfect snapshot.

Android Device Administrator Updated with “Key-Feature”

The search giant has now finally updated their “Android Device administrator”, so kids can’t delete your content.

For one and a half month ago, search giant Google ready with a dedicated app for their Web-based “Android Device administrator” who can find your cell when it is gone.

In addition to being able to find lost Android-powered devices, so the app is also able to remotely erase all content, if your beloved smartphone ends up in the wrong hands.

Thus, it is also fairly important that only you have access to the app. However, until now, there has not been a requirement for entering your password when you open the app on your phone.

It has Google now finally directed, and released version 1.1.7, which in addition to require password, featuring various bug fixes and performance improvements. It writes our site.

You have not yet activated “Unit administrators” function on your Android mobile, so jump on this Tip: become the family’s “Sherlock Holmes” when the cases are missing, that shows how easy it is.


14 Weeks of Pregnancy

When you reach the 14 weeks of pregnancy your little begins to grow rapidly. This week he grew up half an inch! And this is only the beginning of the big steps that will give your baby now.

  • Your baby measures: 3.5-inch (8.89 cm)
  • More or less of the size of: your closed fist, or the length of the tube of lip gloss that you have in your portfolio.
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces (45 grams), which weighs a Hershey’s milk chocolate bar.

Your baby

Little by little, your baby is taking greater control of their movements. They are now more subtle, rather than the spasms of a few weeks ago. Your little also begins to move fingers of hands and foot. And in addition to put the finger in the mouth, now your little can suck it, because the muscles in your mouth and the instinct of suction have been developed.

This week your baby also manages to control the muscles of the face, so it already can make you funny faces, faces of anger and smiles, although by now are more to impulses that emotions.

Your little hair begins to sprout in these days, both in his head and eyebrows. Also appears the lanugo, a layer of very fine hair covering his body to protect it and keep it warm. Usually the lanugo disappears before the baby is born, although you may have traces of it even after birth (you can see a photo of lanugo in would look like a newborn? )

It is surprising to see how your baby goes from being a small embryo to acquire the look that will be at birth. His arms have been stretched and finally have the correct ratio. His face has also evolved in recent weeks: his eyes are already in their final location at the front of the face and ears continue their ascent to the sides head. Your baby’s neck is now clearly visible, and even begins to notice his chin.

In his digestive system, his intestines begin to work. There the first deposition that the baby will have forms called meconium (usually this happens until after birth, said indexdotcom).

Your body

Your uterus is the size of a grapefruit – between 10 and 15 centimeters in diameter- and if you have been pregnant before, perhaps you can notice your belly (new mothers tend to take a little longer to show her pregnancy, at least in the abdominal part).

To support the new weight of your uterus, your muscles begin to stretch, which could result in minor pain in the lower part of your abdomen. They often feel like jerks or mild stinging and that’s normal, but if the pain is strong, you should call your doctor right away.

Although the first symptoms of pregnancy again in the second quarter, this stage also brings a series of unequivocal signs of pregnancy, such as changes in your skin. Patches on your face, cheeks, forehead, nose and around your mouth (known as pregnancy mask), and a line of dark brown color that goes through your belly (called black line) may arise. These changes are due to the pregnancy hormones, causing excess pigmentation. You might also notice acne, hair in unwanted places, and veins and most visible blood vessels (more information at: changes in the skin in pregnancy )).

If you have an appointment for prenatal care with your doctor likely to you speak of amniocentesis, a test in which a sample of amniotic fluid for analysis is extracted. Its objective is to diagnose or rule out birth defects such as Down syndrome and spina bifida, among others. Because it carries a slight risk, this test is not required and is only recommended in cases of high-risk pregnancy or if any previous test indicates that you are in danger of any of these conditions. Usually amniocentesis is performed between 15 and 20 weeks of pregnancy, so you need a few weeks to think about whether to take it or not.


Smartphone Cameras Megapixels are Not Everything

Who with his Smartphone camera tack sharp photos at concerts or on vacation want to do, watch before buying usually on the mega-pixels. The idea that the number of megapixels alone is decisive for the quality of images is tempting. It but isn’t, even if many manufacturers want to suggest that in their advertising – this includes, for example, the Nokia Lumia 1020 with its 41-MP camera.

Pixels Capture Light Reaches the Sensor

At least in theory, more pixels deliver even better image quality. A pixel is a pixel on the camera’s image sensor, which measures mostly around 3 mm on the diagonal in today’s smartphones. The sensor captures using the pixel incoming light and transforms this into a digital signal – depending on the sensor in the fraction of a second of raised captures more light, more complexer and the photo is color-faithful. Therefore suggests the following idea: the more pixels on the sensor sit, the better the image quality.

What It Depends on What Image Quality Delivers A Camera?

However, this assumption is not fully correct, as it is in image quality in addition to the number of pixels to another important detail: the pixel size. The larger the Bildpunktesind, the more light catch them, and the result is more accurate. And that is the crux of Smartphone cameras: the construction requires generally a small image sensor size. Be sure several mega pixels, so several million pixels, housed, the individual pixels are so small that decrease the image quality despite high resolution.

What Characterizes Many Smartphone Cameras

In addition also the type of image sensor decide the zoom and the flash light on the quality of the photos taken. Most CMOS sensors are used in Smartphone cameras, because it can be built smaller than CCD sensors and are slightly cheaper to manufacture. With regard to the sensitivity and the noise share the CMOS sensors in the cut but cut worse something.

In addition, most Smartphone cameras due to the flat construction with a digital are equipped instead of an optical zoom. These are but only to a zoom of the image. The original resolution is reduced again. The LED flash upcoming mobile phones often to use has only a low range. Most devices shoot therefore fuzzy, not particularly faithful to color or noisy photos in low light conditions.

Continue reading Smartphone Cameras Megapixels are Not Everything

Create Your Own QR Code with Your HTC Smartphone

Whether on billboards in Metro stations or in magazines: the black and white QR codes have now arrived in everyday life. To the human eye, they are only a seemingly random arrangement of pixels, smartphones are able to interpret so encrypted information with special software but. You can create simple and versatile – their functions beyond namely that of one-dimensional codes such as the bar codes usual on food.

With QR Codes Information since 1994 is Encrypted

QR codes (“quick response” codes) developed in 1994, encrypted to represent lots of information in a small space. These can be interpreted with simple readers and even work, if a piece of code is missing or is dirty. The square, two-dimensional codes contain different number, encrypted information depending on the number of displayed items. These are shown in a so-called matrix of black and white dots. The binary system is based on the encryption.

Depending on the amount of data that is to be rendered, a QR code contains many different modules. Position markers are always available in three corners, synchronization elements, information about the version of the code, a format specification and a field for the alignment. The information content of QR codes varies from minimum 21 x 21 (441) elements to out to maximum 177 x 177 (31.329) elements. Thus, approximately 7,000 decimal digits or 4,300 alphanumeric characters can be represented.

Create Codes with the Smartphone Itself

With the corresponding programs on your smartphone you can not only decrypt QR codes, but encrypt itself data in this form. For this you need a QR code generator. Such apps are available in the Google play store as well as on iTunes to download free. An Android application, with which you can generate the royalty-free QR codes, for example the QR droid, on the iPhone you can use inter alia the QR code maker.

In such applications, you’re usually the choice whether you want to encrypt a text, a website, a phone number or a contact as a QR code. In addition, full messages, for example, SMS or emails can formulate before and recipient data. Who deciphered the code must only confirm sending the message. Who wants to create the QR code directly with your Smartphone, you can use also websites like qrcode-generator.de or goqr.me. The finished code is issued in different image file formats and can be printed, posted, sent or otherwise shared.

Continue reading Create Your Own QR Code with Your HTC Smartphone

iPhone: Six Alternatives to Apple Apps

In terms of development, Apple is outstanding – but just not perfect. This concerns also the app offer, which on the iPhone and iPad pre-installed. We tell you a few practical alternatives, making it better here but a tick of the functioning and operation.

Evernote Instead of Notes

Apple’s notes app offers little functions that go beyond the pure creation of short reminder texts. More offers since the app EverNote: except to write, notes, whose length is not limited, you can take even voice memos and documents on social networks to share with others. It is also possible to synchronize the data of EverNote on all your devices. EverNote is available on iTunes or for free in Apple’s app store for iOS devices.

Also wonders list is an interesting alternative to the Notes app and offers functionality similar to EverNote, but perhaps is the design appealing here for some of you. The app includes also synchronization and memory function, the ability to split – and it is also free.

Procam 2 Instead of Camera

Unfortunately, the camera app from Apple has only a very limited range of functions. A good alternative is the app ProCam 2, which offers you a night mode, a self-timer and a face detection with automatic tripping function. Series of images and a configurable mode for video recordings are available. In addition, there is a feature that can help prevent blurred video images. ProCam 2 costs about one euro and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Impala Instead of Photos

After you have taken pictures, you want of course properly store them, and manage. Impala is a good alternative to the Apple app photos – she can even automatically sort the images. On the basis of the subject, Impala assigns an image of a specific category and places it in the appropriate folder. That of course not one hundred percent – can save you but a high workload when the sort you. The app Impala is available for iOS devices for free.

Fantastical 2 Instead of Calendar

The calendar app from Apple is rather minimalist designed – for more options to manage and display of dates the app Fatastical 2 is recommended. Although it is not exactly cheap, but for that, you’ll get an easy to use application, which can be customized Ansichten. Especially at speed, fantastical 2 has front nose: when you write the key data of an appointment, this is automatically inserted in the calendar. Fantastical 2 costs as iPad version 8.99 euros and for the iPhone 4,99 Euro.

Check Mark 2 Instead of Memories

The application of check mark 2 offers you a variety of features that are not included in the memories app by Apple. You can leave with many different lists better organize your everyday life, and remind you of things. Local memory function is particularly useful – it indicates you, for example, to buy cheese, as soon as you enter a supermarket. Check mark 2 is available for 5.49 on iTunes.

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LG G Pro 2: See the Leaked Photos Here

Pictures of the confirmed flag ship-mobile from LG now pops up on the Web in advance of the upcoming launch.

Tech company LG that have recently confirmed that LG G Pro 2 is on the way, also has already revealed that it will be publicly launched at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Photos of the phone, as we have yet confirmed specification is now cropped up on the Web. The evidence that LG G Pro 2 will have the same rear-mounted power and volume buttons, as we know it from LG G2 and G Flex. It writes our site. Continue reading LG G Pro 2: See the Leaked Photos Here

13 Weeks of Pregnancy

Welcome to the second trimester of pregnancy, the stage in which you recover your energy, nausea decreased, your belly is barely noticeable, you can still sleep and do your normal activities, and is not so much discomfort.

To start the quarter with the right foot – literally – at 13 weeks of pregnancy, your little begins to move their limbs with greater control, and can even be the finger to the mouth.

  • Your baby measures: 3-inch (7.62 cm)
  • More or less of the size of: your middle finger (central).
  • Weight: one ounce (28.3 grams), more or less the same thing that a slice of square pan or five coins of 25 U.S. cents (quarters)

Your baby

This week your baby starts to play with his hands and legs. Thanks to the development of their muscles and bones, you already have the ability to move his limbs and up to put the finger in the mouth. His hands and feet also achieve two major goals: your baby already have ankles, wrists and fingerprints.

His eyelids are now closed to protect the eyes of your little during its development.

If you see on an ultrasoundimage, his head is still large as the rest of your body (more or less half of its length is the head), but from this stage initiates a lug and little by little your baby begins to take more normal dimensions.

The external genital of your baby are already visible, although your doctor will probably want to wait as it be distinguished more clearly in an ultrasound (after four months of pregnancy) prior to tell you if you should buy pink or blue.

Other advances in the development of your baby to reach the 13 weeks of pregnancy:

  • Their intestines are better located within the abdominal cavity (instead of his umbilical cord).
  • Your pancreas starts secreting insulin.
  • Dental buds (those “seeds” that will become your teeth) have been formed within the gums, although it will be several months after the birth before they leave.

Your body

Reach the thirteen weeks of pregnancy have lower risk of early loss or miscarriage, so you can breathe a little more quiet. In addition, you start the calmer part of your pregnancy, you feel less tired and decrease nausea – in most cases-.

While pregnancy symptoms tend to disappear in the second quarter, some less fortunate women should support them for some more time. Can they extend only a few weeks, but some mothers report feeling bad for months and even throughout the pregnancy.

The most severe cases of nausea in pregnancy can become hyperemesis Gravidarum, a condition in which nausea are persistent and excessive, and may lead to dehydration, malnutrition and the need for hospitalization to the mother. You can know the characteristics of this disease, its symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis and treatment in Hiperemsis Gravidarum: when the nausea in pregnancy are extreme.

The fourth month of pregnancy also marks the start of a second round of pregnancy symptoms. Your vagina begins to secrete leukorrhea, a whitish light flow and with a faint odor (is not very strong, even if it seems due to the super sense of smell that you develop in pregnancy). The function of the vaginal discharge is to protect the vaginal canal of bacteria and infection, and is completely normal. If vaginal discharge becomes large, dense and strong odor and causes you itching or burning, tell your doctor to rule out a vaginal infection. On the other hand, a clear liquid fluid could be amniotic fluid, and this requires immediate attention (more information at: do normal symptoms of pregnancy or warning?) Vaginal).

Usually the second quarter is the time in which pregnant women are beginning to gain weight, especially if nausea prevented it to you in the previous months. Even though you have every right to overeat, do not overdo. In fact, in the second quarter you don’t need more than 300 additional calories a day. More about nutrition and your diet in pregnancy:

  • Your pregnancy diet: weight, calories and the ideal menu
  • Your pregnancy diet: the nutrients you need
  • How distributed is weight in pregnancy?

Regarding the progress of your pregnancy, reaching 13 weeks already the placenta is fully operational, provides your baby of oxygen and nutrients, eliminates waste, and produces the hormones progesterone and estrogen, which helps keep your pregnancy. A curious fact about the placenta: 13 weeks of pregnancy, the placenta weighs more or less the same as your baby (one ounce or 28.3 grams).


LG G Flex-First Meeting

Web TV: We’ve bent and twisted in LG’s upcoming high-tech gem.

LG’s fleksende topmobil is no secret anymore, but we’ve got a little sneak peak at the upcoming flagship model from LG.

It is in many ways a landmark mobile LG has created here, where three new technologies meet: a screen with curves, a self-healing back and LG’s own OLED display technology.

We have taken hold of LG’s new high-tech gem. Continue reading LG G Flex-First Meeting

20 Weeks of Pregnancy

They have been a long 20 weeks of pregnancy, but you already spent half of waiting. From now on your pregnancy is more tangible, from the size of your belly and the baby’s movements, to the imminence of arrival and preparations.

  • Your baby measures: 10 inches (a little more than 25 centimeters)
  • More or less of the size of: your forearm (wrist to elbow).
  • Weight: 10 ounces (283 grams), what weighs more or less a volleyball ball.

Your baby

Perhaps you noticed that the 20 week pregnancy 19 the measure of the size of your baby increased significantly. Those inches more are actually the result of a change in the way of measuring your little. Before, when his legs were developing and crushed against the chest, according to this blog,  it was more difficult to measure them, by what sizes them were taken from head to their buttocks. Now that your little tips are clearly formed, it is possible to measure them with an ultrasound to more accurately know your size.

This will be the measure used until its birth.

Did you know that your baby swallows amniotic fluid from 12 weeks of pregnancy and eliminated through urine. However, from now on, part of the digested amniotic fluid accumulates in your intestines to become meconium. Meconium is the first stool of the baby; What will be the first time that soiled her diaper after birth (or before, in some cases). It is a substance of black and dark green, and viscous consistency.

If your baby is a girl, her uterus is already well formed and contains all the eggs in her life (million by now, although that amount gradually decreases). In addition, it begins to form the vaginal canal.

In men, the testicles begin his descent from the abdomen into the scrotum, which is in the process of formation.

The skin of your small, which until now was thin and almost transparent, starts to develop different layers and increase its thickness.

Your body

Remember that navel sexy you lucías with your bikinis? To reach this stage of pregnancy, your navel start to be reversed, and goes from being a perfect dimple in your abdomen to look more like a small mound exposed by the pressure of the belly that grows.

At 20 weeks of pregnancy, your navel also marks the height of the bottom of your uterus, which also reaches the half of your abdomen to reach half of the pregnancy (if you want to feel it, follow the instructions detailed at 18 weeks of pregnancy).

Your nails and hair are growing fast and strong, thanks to pregnancy hormones. Unfortunately, that means that the hair in unwanted places is growing in greater numbers and faster too. Both symptoms are passengers, and will disappear after birth (visit this link)).

If you have not done so yet, this week, you can have your anatomical ultrasound of half of the pregnancy. For you, it’s a chance to see your little and know their sex. Your doctor, on the other hand, pending your baby, your position, structural abnormalities, flow measurements by the umbilical cord, placenta, its organs, amount of amniotic fluid and other details that reveal the optimal development of your little (you can interest: are safe in pregnancy ultrasound? )).

Your weight gain can already walk about 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms), and until the end of your pregnancy will continue increasing from 0, 5-1 pound (0, 22-0, 45 kg) per week. Not all these pounds more will your tummy; in reality, the weight in pregnancy is distributed throughout your body.


12 Weeks of Pregnancy

At the end of the 12 weeks of pregnancy decreases the risk of having an early loss – a reason to celebrate! In addition, in the majority of cases, it means the end of nausea and early pregnancy symptoms.

  • Your baby measures: about 2.5 inches (6.35 centimeters)
  • More or less of the size: the width of your credit card.
  • Weight: half ounce (14 grams), the same as a tablespoon of sugar.

Your baby

In week 12 of pregnancy, your baby develops your reflexes, and is your first chance to interact with him. If you punzas your uterus with a finger – not very hard – your baby can react to changing positions. Maybe not notes, it is too early to feel its movements, but your little known to have a Mommy in the outside world eager to play with him.

It is also a very important stage in your digestive system. Starting this week at the mouth, his vocal cords are formed and your little develops reflex that allows you to swallow.

Meanwhile, their digestive system practice contractions needed to process the food, although by now – and for six months more – simply swallowing amniotic fluid.

Of course, everything you eat your baby must remove it. This week come into operation your bladder and kidneys, where it passes the urine to be discarded by her body. The urine is expelled into the amniotic fluid, and even if you sound a bit unpleasant, do not have to worry.

So far, his intestines were so extensive that they interfered with the umbilical cord, but this week begin to settle better into the abdominal cavity.

Other milestones in the development of your baby to meet the 12 weeks of gestation:

  • Their eyes are placed in front of your face, not on the sides, as at the beginning.
  • The pituitary gland, which secretes hormones essential for their growth and reproductive system comes into operation.
  • Your body begins to produce essential, white blood cells to fight infections and bacteria.
  • Thanks to the development of your reflexes, your baby begins to open and close your hands.

Your body

Your baby grows quickly with your uterus also. This week your uterus already exceeds your pubic bone and your doctor can feel it by feeling your abdomen. This is how it is measured in each appointment of prenatal care from now: from the pubic bone to the bottom (where it becomes your uterus in your abdomen). This measure is used as an indicator of the progress of your pregnancy and your baby’s growth.

If you’re going to make you a chorionic biopsy, you must do it this week to take. Chorionic biopsy, also known as chorionic villus sampling test, is an optional test that your doctor may recommend to diagnose or rule out more than 200 genetic or chromosomal disorders. Since it carries a small risk of miscarriage, this is only done if you have a pregnancy with complications or high risk, as is the case with pregnancy after age 35, when you have prenatal tests abnormal detection or you’ve had another baby with congenital or chromosomal defects.

Due to the risk of the first weeks of pregnancy, many mothers decide to wait until the twelfth week to announce your pregnancy. If you have not done so yet, here are a few ideas to make known the good news.


Samsung Opens 60 Shops in Europe

Tech-giant has signed an agreement with major retail, about to open 60 dedicated Samsung stores in Europe over the next 3 months.

When you buy a product, so one gets as a general rule, always the best customer experience in dedicated stores, to the mærekevarer to act. With mobile manufacturers sold the units often with telcos, and particularly in Europe, there are few and far between manufacturers ‘ dedicated stores.

Apple makes it already
However, we also see that the dedicated shops will be integrated into other businesses, because customer flow is simply not big enough to drive a separate store.
To take one example, so are there many Danish Fona stores, which houses separate Apple stores. Continue reading Samsung Opens 60 Shops in Europe