Piaget Watches: in Search of Perfection

In 2007, Piaget celebrated the 50th anniversary of its ultra-thin gauge 9 p with the reissue of the movement that made it famous. This year also marked the launch of the first mechanical chronograph movement developed in-house. Check out more information about this landmark in the company on this issue developed by Alexander Linz, blog Watch Insider, WatchTime magazine. (Update: Raphael Calles)

2007 was a milestone for Piaget. 50 years ago, the company introduced the Calibre 9 p, a hand-wound movement with just 2 mm thick. Three years after this move would receive an update: a self-winding, that would increase to no more than 2.3 mm thick. This mechanism is called Caliber 12 p. With him, the company won a publication in the Guinness World Records as the creator of the “thinnest self-winding movement in the world”. Today, Piaget enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a skilled watch maker elegance and impressively thin.

More recently, the carda 430P manual gauges (with 43 hour power reserve and display of hours and minutes), 450P (43 hours of power reserve, hour, minute and small seconds on the 10 o’clock position) and 438P (diameter greater than the 430P caliber, but with the same functions) were introduced. They measure just 2.1 mm thick, as well as the Tourbillon calibre 600 p. The date was marked by the company’s focus back exclusively for the ultrafine jewelry.

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Polaroid Zip In The Test: Conditionally Ready To Use

Polaroid of mobile printer zip can be back in the hand take snapshots of the Smartphone. But is the squirt? Our test reveals it.

Polaroid Socialmatic has can convince me in the test a few weeks ago. As a camera, she was too unwieldy and too expensive as a gadget. The only bright spot was the built-in printer that has reminded me, how beautiful is really to take photos in the hand. Shortly after the digital instant camera, the manufacturer with the Polaroid zip brings a mini photo printers on the market.

Mini Photo Printer Without Ink And Adhesive Prints

In the Pocket zip but not really fits the Polaroid 7.4 x 11.9 x 2.3 cm large housing, but weighing 187 grams, it represents only a small additional load in the luggage. Connect to the Smartphone is quickly made – unless you have enabled NFC and Bluetooth and puts your mobile on the photo printer is switched on. The two devices do the rest by itself, you have to click on “OK” only occasionally.

Polaroid Zip In The Test Conditionally Ready To Use-1

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Samsung Enters into Agreement with Ericsson

Samsung has chosen to pay Ericsson instead of fighting.

It’s not just Apple, which is on the neck of Samsung.Electronics giant Ericsson’s anger got to feel at the end of 2012, when a charge of breach of patent rights hit the US courts.

Now see it, however, appear that there may have been a bit of chatter, for Samsung, after two years of tovtrækkerri has decided to pay the modest sum of $ 650 million.
And it is even only first cash installments on the settlement, which includes a set fee for the use of Ericsson’s rights.

Thus is a wings in the pending mobile war closed, while there still fought from country to country with Apple.
The match sees Apple seem to be good with in, since Samsung had been previously sentenced to pay compensation, for precisely the same issue.

Want With Extraordinary Camera Features Score Lumia 950 And 950 XL

The Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL should already come in December and convinced not only by the new operating system Windows 10 mobile. The new mobile phones with good cameras and intelligent photo features to points as the previous model Lumia 930. Microsoft itself reveals more details.

20 MP camera of Lumia 950 and Lumia’s should be 950 XL according to Microsoft to record particularly detailed photos with natural dyes, as reported by WMPoweruser. Also videos can be recorded with the main camera in 4 k resolution, and take photos of the front lens of still Selfies with 5 MP.

Want With Extraordinary Camera Features Score Lumia 950 And 950 XL-1

Beautiful Pictures Even In Low Light

The camera on the back of Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL offers some features that should allow even shots in low light conditions. Alone the bright lens with an aperture of f/1.9 might be very helpful here. But if that is not enough, a triple LED Flash as well as an optical image stabilizer, the fifth generation helps to eliminate Verwackler. So with the lightning illuminated images not too cool action, Microsoft in the new Lumias in the bag of tricks attacks: there are two simple pictures taken – one with and one without the Flash. The camera software then composed a photo with corrected colors that should look much more natural from the two shots.

Until Windows fans can convince 950 XL of the photo capabilities of the new models of Lumia 950 and Lumia, it will take but a little. At the end of the year, both top smartphones along with the fresh operating system Windows will be 10 mobile on the market. The Lumia 950 should be to have 950 XL from 699 euro 599 euro and the Lumia. Recently, the top model Lumia 950 XL at Amazon in the United Kingdom was however already preorder – at a significantly higher price.

Want With Extraordinary Camera Features Score Lumia 950 And 950 XL-2

Leading Watch Brands

When it comes to watches, the first country that comes to our mind is the Switzerland, right? Because some other regions of Europe are also known for their watchmaking expertise. One of them is in Germany, in the tiny town of Glashütte, far from us, of Brazil, for nearly 15 hours of flight and other 3-hour drive from Berlin. The small town lies in the region of Saxony, in the southeast of the country. It was there that the German watchmaker pole in the middle of the 19th century, when Ferdinand Adolph Lange established a factory in the city of pocket watches with only 15 employees; a milestone that defined the destiny of the city for the next century.

The opening of the factory attracted many other renowned watchmakers professionals to the city. One of them was Moritz Grossman, who, years later, he collaborated with the opening of the German school of watchmaking. Today, almost 170 years later, the city has about 7 1000 inhabitants who work primarily in the watchmaking manufacture. Behind bridges, mechanisms, a lot of detailed engineering and audacious projects is the story of a region completely ravaged by World War II.

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Steam Must Be a Streaming Service

Valve has many features for Steam services. Now they will also be streaming service.

Valve make play operating system Steam and develop many games for Steam. But Valve is through Steam also sells, now will also be a Steam Valve and streaming service.

The service would offer users to stream a game from one PC to another. It can for example be that you have a great and powerful desktop that pulls the heavy read, while comfortably lounging on the couch and playing on the laptop. Valve calls the addition of “in-home Streaming”, then it is only possible within the same network. So far at least.

“In-home” Streaming “is still in beta development stage and you must have an invitation to try the service, but you can see a video from Ars Technica including which map shows how it works.

You can read more about the “in-home Streaming” on Steams own website here.

Does this sound like something you could find to use?

iPhone 6s: This App Makes Gifs From Your Live Photos

The iPhone 6s can produce either so-called live photos with the camera, which seemingly come to life at finger tip. The trick: when taking pictures the camera takes a short film sequence, which is stored in addition to the JPG image. Live show photos but only as a still image other programs. An app to help to be able to show the movies in other applications.

iPhone 6s This App Makes Gifs From Your Live Photos

Live the app live GIF from PRIIME converts photos into an animation format that most other programs can display as Mac rumors is reporting. But, while portals simply neglected how detect a live Facebook photo just as ordinary JPG image and also stored data in the film, they recognize GIF animations. Live GIF reads the complete data of live photos and converted the whole thing in a GIF movie.

High Acceptance Of GIF Animations

However conversion into the more common format has its drawbacks: while live use photos millions of colors, GIF images and animations usually on 256 colors are limited. This is usually well compensated at higher resolutions as however by color mixing and therefore no further notice.

The advantage of GIF images and films is their wide acceptance within applications and the Internet. While live photos can be played back now almost exclusively of Apple devices, there is hardly a social network or photo program that can read not even GIF files and display. The live GIF format converter is available in the app store for 1.99 euros.

Keynote Remote App Removed from the App Store

After the rollout of updates to iWork Office suite, Apple has now removed the separate Keynote Remote app.

Tech giant Apple has recently updated their iWork Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps with both bug fixes and new features.

As mentioned earlier, then it means precisely that functionality from the often neglected Keynote Remote app that works as a remote control for your presentation, is now integrated directly into Keynote app for iOS how to fix and edit your presentation.

Apple now has unsurprisingly removed app, which since 2009 has be able to control wireless presentations from Keynote on the Mac, and since 2010 on iOS.

Keynote Remote has until October 2013 cost the tidy sum of $ 7, but was subsequently free in line with Apple’s decision to make iWork and iLife applications free with purchase of new iOS or OSX (Mac) unit.

Are you iOS user, so keep a close eye on That comes as soon as a tip on how to use the function, when the presentation must be right in the community.


Google Photos Live Receives For iOS Photos And iPad Pro Support

Feature update for iOS: Google has extended its app Google photos to various functions specifically for owners of an Apple device. So now live can thus look at photos plus incurred with the iPhone 6 s or iPhone 6 s. The resolution on large screens such as the iPad Pro has been improved also.

Google Photos Live Receives For Ios Photos And iPad Pro Support

Owner of an iPhone 6s or 6s iPhone plus can watch with Google photos for iOS will also live photos, organize, and categorize. The partially animated pictures are a speciality of the two top models of the Apple: A Live Photo stores a short moment before and after the pressure on the trigger to better capture the moment. You look at the snapshot, the live can be optionally as a short reminder video play back photo.

Split View And Native Resolution On Tablets

Owners of Apple tablets may prepare themselves even more features. Photos from now also split view on an iPad Pro supports the iOS version of Google iPad 2, iPad mini air. Thus you can see side by side at the same time two images – in full resolution. So far the app for smartphones was designed and scaled up only on larger screens.

So, Google ran photos even on tablets, but led the blown-up image of to more diffuse playback. That has now changed, and Google is now displayed photos in the native resolution of a device, the iPad Pro in 2732 x 2048 pixels. Moreover, developers have revised the operation, which is why you now less often must – draw according to the change log on the so-called “Hamburger”button that button with three horizontal strokes between them that calls up the menu.

Leaked: New HTC-mobile in Fresh Colors. See the Pictures Here

Here are the pictures of the new HTC-mobile, in four fresh colors and with all eight cores in the engine room.

There are just leaked images of a 5 “HTC-mobile in four fresh colors on the Web. The phone appears to be mid-range in terms of both specifications and price. It writes our site.

There are reportedly talking about a mysterious HTC Desire-model, which will be powered by a Mediatek octacore processor. In addition, it is reported that the phone houses a 5 “display with resolution of 720 p and an 8 megapixel camera.

The colorful mobile look also out to come up with 1.5 GB of RAM and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean with HTC Sense 5.5 upstairs.

Prices we will be careful in writing, when the phone is turned on on the Chinese site ePrice. Here is the price however, 2000 yuan, which translates to about 1800 kr.

Nothing has been officially announced by HTC, so we are awaiting further information.


HTC One M9: Company Introduces New Version Of “Prime Camera Edition”

Better photos with the HTC one M9: the company from Taiwan has announced a special version of its current before pointing model. The “Prime camera Edition” to offer a “premium user experience at an affordable price”.

The company has placed great importance on it, to take over the main features of the HTC one M9: also the “Prime camera Edition” features typical HTC features such as a unibody aluminum and BoomSound speakers according to the press release. However, the focus of the unit be the numerous camera functions: as the Smartphone, for example, with the so far most sophisticated optical image stabilizer by HTC to be equipped.

13-MP Main Camera

The main camera of HTC one M9 Prime camera Editon allows photos with a resolution of 13 MP. The practice will need to show whether the camera produces better shots than those of one M9 of. In our test, the main camera of the normal one M9 despite the 20-MP resolution has rather disappointed. The front-facing camera uses UltraPixel technology and to identify up to 300 percent more light per pixel.

The remaining equipment is somewhat similar to the the HTC one M9: so also the Prime camera Edition features a 5-inch display with full HD resolution. In addition, the new version measures also 9,61 mm in depth. The release of the HTC one M9 Prime camera Edition will be held in Germany end of April 2016. The Smartphone is available for the market launch in the colors of gunmetal gray, gold on silver and gold on gold and will cost €429. For comparison, the price of the standard version of the one M9 to the release amounted to 749 euro.

HTC One M9 Company Introduces New Version Of Prime Camera Edition

Google Chrome Is Vulnerable to Espionage

Voice recognition in the search giant remains undisturbed browser allows the allegedly malicious websites, in hearing with on line.

If you are well versed in the Google universe, you are probably also on first name with “Google Now”, there is the search giant remains undisturbed personal assistant. Google Now has a voice recognition feature, as we know it from Siri on Apple devices. Unlike Siri then works “Google Now” actually also in Chrome browser for your computer, if you have set its language to English.

Now it is reported, however, that function is vulnerable to attack by malicious websites that through your computer’s built-in microphone, want to follow along in your life. It writes our site.

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iPhone 7 Plus: Video Shows The Possible User Interface The Dual Camera

Mode of operation of the dual camera: expected to be September 2016 Apple will introduce the iPhone 7 of public. The Maxi offshoot of the Smartphone will have a dual camera according to rumors – a video now shows how the UI might look.

Already in January, a patent from Apple to the public had entered was describing the possible functioning of the dual camera iPhone 7. The now released video has used this patent as the basis, to sketch the user interface of the camera. The dual camera should have therefore has two lenses: the wide angle lens is in the iPhone 6 s similar, while the so-called tele photo lens to record zoomed photos and videos, then to form an overall picture.

Display Via Split Screen

The patent describes examples of how the dual camera iPhone 7 in practice. The now released video shows this example with images: as parents at a birthday party could hold, for example, how the child blows out the candles; at the same time, a close-up of the moment is possible by using the telephoto lens. The camera app could parallel display this via split-screen.

In this way, it is also possible to record at the same time, a photo and a video of a situation. The rumored dual camera only in the larger version of the new ago flagship model to be installed, as iPhone 7 plus or iPhone 7 Pro on the market could be brought. The camera will also have optical zoom as a feature. At MWC 2016, company Corephtonics has already demonstrated how such technology in the smart phone might work.

Overview: Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Review, iPhone 6 Against Competition, Samsung Galaxy S5 Takes Shape

At the end of the week, and Our site brings together the week’s main news here.

Four things the iPhone 6 must contain in order to keep up with competitors

Four bids on the things iPhone 6 must contain, if Apple needs to keep up with competitors

Sony Z1 Compact review: Muscle cell in the compact class

Sony creates a new niche in the smartphone world single-handedly with Xperia Z1 Compact

Samsung Galaxy S5-what we know so far

Samsung’s upcoming flagship, Galaxy S5, is probably imminent. Here is what we know–or think we know.

OPPO N1 review: huge phone with potential

OPPO N1 is a niche phone but it can seduce many. We have tested the Chinese heavyweight.

Greedy Giants or floppende scientists?

Why your mobile battery just isn’t good enough. And who is really to blame?

Report Declares Moto X as the Winner in the 4 G Network-Test

According to the new report’s Moto X 35 percent faster than the average of LG G2, HTC One, Galaxy S4 and Note II.

The company Signals Research has created a number of measurements on a variety of phones to get an overview of which ones have the best and most stable 4 g network connectivity. The clear winner is the Motorola Moto X.

A total of 860 tests were conducted and they showed that Moto X had 35 percent higher rate than average and that the phone could maintain a data connection by all 9 dB lower signal level than the competing phones.

The other phones in the report was the Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note II, HTC One and LG G2. Continue reading Report Declares Moto X as the Winner in the 4 G Network-Test

Firefox OS Is Spreading Now to Tablets

Firefox OS has so far only been used on mobile phones, but now lands that soon a tablet with the operating system.

The first tablet with Firefox OS operating system seen the light of day. It comes with a 1 GHz processor, quad-core Cortex A7 a 10.1 inch screen with resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, WiFi and 2 GB RAM. Further, there are 16 GB of memory, a battery of 7,000 mAh and a set of cameras at respectively 5 and 2 megapixels.

There is still nothing to report as regards price and launch, since we have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Firefox OS at home, a launch in Denmark probably have its prospects.

Firefox US digs itself quietly forward on emerging markets such as Brazil, Hungary and Serbia, the operating system is rolled out in about 13 countries with more on the way, in some areas, Telenor also one of the sponsors.

Tips Saturday: the Week’s Best Tips

We collect the week’s top tips-how to get the best out of your smartphone!

They can be a lot, the ladies and smartphones. But we only use a fraction of the features, applications and features that they offer. Every Saturday opstøver mobile page, therefore the best fereshte from the week that went-so you get the chic back in your smartphone.

Your personal signature handled easily from your phone

When a pdf file on your phone requires your personal doodle, there is no need to either print or startup of the old PC.

These apps are the ultimate app-Toolbox for IT professionals

System administrators, tech support or warm atsmosphere Android enthusiasts – here are the tools for you.

Windows Phone can be your personal translator at the holidays

When the menu is not meaningful on the holidays, your Windows Phone-Mobile can translate the content for you.

“iCloud keychain” take good care of your codes for the Web

With an eye on being smart and more confident at the net, iCloud Keychain remember all tags across your iOS eheder.

What to do when your phone gets cold

We have to be careful on his smartphone in the winter cold. Like us should wear on the following conditions.

How to Buy Shoes Online

Know the 10 basic rules that every person should know before going out to buy the ideal footwear.

For some, they are an obsession. For others, a simple need. For all those who we are, somehow, in the Middle, are often a source of headache. Still don’t know what we’re talking about? Shoes…


Whether you love them and you care for them as a child, or only you remember them when you have to get them, or why not something in between, there is no doubt that shoes can enhance or destroy a beautiful set of clothes.


While it is important to choose the right style, it also is the care of your feet and your budget.

Here are 10 tips to keep in mind when you should take on the task of buying shoes (read more tips on


  1. If your budget can only deal with a good pair of shoes, so they are ones in which the fingers are permanently – clogged-, and opt for black or taupe (very in fashion), or dark brown or beige. These are neutral shoes for any time of the year that will be good with any piece of your wardrobe, and allow you to use them with both skirts and pants.
  2. The color of your shoes should be of the same hue to your belt or darker. In this way, you get an aspect of overall harmony without directing the attention of observers towards your feet.
  3.  5 cm heels are sufficient to Stylize most of the legs. Use a minimum of 5 cm if you are robust, low stature, or short legs, to extend to you and make you high.
  4.  The heel of 10 cm is the maximum for business. WAD needle is not appropriate, at least that your job has something to do with standing in a corner…
  5.  While most shows shoe, the less appropriate for business it is. Sandals, slippers, and sandals are not suitable for traditional businesses. In any case, a closed shoe be much more appropriate for a work situation.
  6.  Keep the shoe in proportional relationship with your foot. If you have big feet or heavy legs, opt for robust styles with wide heels. If you have small feet or thin legs, choose delicate styles with thin heels.
  7.  Buy the best quality in materials that you can afford, so they support all the inclemencies of the weather. Although your Pocket out more resentful, it is the best investment for your money in the long run.
  8.  Don’t forget that you can carry the Shoemaker those shoes that have been torn or damaged. Do you have a pair of favorite shoes that are too worn to use and like them long enough to write them? Bring them to the cobbler and leaves to get new soles.
  9.  Try to buy shoes in mid afternoon night, when feet tend to be at their maximum expansion, as a result of the swelling caused by standing, walking or running.
  10.  No longer necessary that shoes and handbags or purses combined. However, it should be in the same line with the other (casual, elegant, etc.) and reflect the style of your clothes to perform together as a whole.

How to Take Care Of Your Shoes: 10 Tips

Hello girls! As we always say, there is no better way to save than take care of the things that we have , so you can use them a thousand times combined with different garments. Today we are going to spend a few hints on the care of footwear, which is one of the more expensive products.

When it comes to putting us to inquire about a specific topic there is nothing better than talking to people who are in the subject by that we contacted Sofi and Geri designers of Le.Hoi, a brand of shoes that we love. We visit her showroom and, as we thought, at a time they were given us plenty of simple tips. They gave us advice that can serve us all and we can do without any problem and with products which may be obtained in any shoe shop in the neighborhood. That was the idea, to give us tips that for them are obvious by the simple but that for all that we are not engaged in this are ultra useful.

10 Things we need to know:

1- It is not used two days in a row the same shoe, this does not mean that we have to have 365 different pairs, of course, but to let it rest for a day at least to make it to air and thus does not warp.

2 – when the rain grab us and get wet us shoes that we can do it is best to fill them with silk or daily paper rolls (careful with the newspaper that may stain if the shoe is clearly) these buns will absorb moisture and prevent warping of the shoe.

3- The best way to clean patent leather shoes with the product is glass cleaner that you have at home and cotton, it will give shine and protection.

4 – If you have a finite pie and you spend chancleteando sandals are a great product in all of the shoe stores called half volley.

5 – If the shoe was large or you got a couple of larger number on offer than yours, with a half-point you can add media template or template whole. You are going to the Shoemaker with big shoes and you proofs stencils until you more comfortable.

6 – if I’m on the other hand, chico ideally, go to the Shoemaker to enlarge what you up to half a point with the last. But before you can try a homemade trick, you mojás a cloth with alcohol, which does not squirt, only make it damp, colocás the cloth made a bun at the tip of the shoe this will soften the leather and is going to give up.

7-you can dye your shoes because they are half ugly or simply want to change the color, in this case you have to take into account:

-Buy the dye to the material that corresponds.

-It is more likely that it is good if you teñís shoes colored in darker colors. If the base is black, there are no possibilities of dye another colour, only sobretenirlo with black and thus highlight the original color so it is like new.

-If you use a brush to apply the tincture, please note that it is best to use one for each color so that they are not mixed and that if you’re going to use on leather shoes is recommended to buy a finite bristle brush so that the material will not hurt. Read the top 10 tips on pauldigo.

-Dyeing data can be applied on jackets and leather briefcases also.

8 – If your party shoes Skate (because often have sole vaccine that is very smooth), you take your kitchen grater, sandpaper or a knife and rays a little, problem solved.

9 – use waterproofing suede shoes prevents it stained and ruined fast. The suede material is more difficult to clean so I better be careful. The ideal is to do three applications before using it, each application with 2 days of rest that absorbs well and the last, several hours before use. Once in a while, back to apply the spray after giving one brushed.

10 – store footwear in the right way also helps their care. If the shoes are leather should pass them a cream or ointment to the tone and Polish them with a cloth, if they are suede clean them with a brush. The ideal is to keep the shoes in boxes by filling them with silk or daily paper to prevent them from absorbing moisture in the closet and in this way also avoid warping.


Shoes in Ancient Rome

None in the ancient Egypt, when you have the first physical testimonies of elementary and also more elaborate, footwear, the footwear industry took hold with the cultured Greek civilization. The Romans, who drink both of philosophy and way of life of the Greek people, also copied their tastes in footwear. But, as befits a people warlike and expansive, it changed it so that the different types of shoe, with their differences in shape and color, were hallmarks of the status and social class. This trend continued in the middle ages, when the extravagances and the desire to appear titles that did not have led to strict regulation with major fines from through. But let’s go by parts.

How were the shoes in the old Roman Empire?

There were all types and condition, but it was with this civilization when he started to put on each one of the members of all social strata. Formerly, slaves, peasants and poor people did not have the chance to dress up your feet.

However, have become testimonies of a very rustic and resistant shoe made of wood, as the current clogs, which were reserved for individuals located further down the social ladder.

Elite models of ancient Rome shoes

At the other end, the patricians and free men, there was a code allowing a glance know which social class was the owner of the shoes. Such was this social symbolism that certain colors and shapes were reserved to certain people, depending on their social rank. Beyond the anecdote, because he tells us as the driving of an entire society, we have:

  • Apparently it was Caligula, who did great things before becoming darn crazy, who introduced SUVs boots that are tied to the leg with ropes and had tacos or tacks on the floor in the legions. Inspiration found it in neighbouring Greece. Called caligae.
  • Patricians, the social economic and cultural elite of Rome, also wore very special Brown boots. This hue changed to red or black if the holder was a member of the Senate. In the latter case, they decorated, in addition, with the letter C.
  • The emperors, considered gods on Earth reserved hard tone purple, extremely rare and expensive, since the pigment was extracted from a snail.
  • Level ladies spared no resources to manufacture a pair of exquisite sandals with beads and high platforms. Although at home, they wore comfortable shoes style used by the lower classes, any social occasion, even a visit to the Forum, demanded this type of footwear.

The shoe is evolving with the technology and the economy

And also in the Roman Empire, when the trade of Shoemaker begins to be regulated and have a social status, according to this blog. Gradually the work is complicated and some of these craftsmen begin to innovate and create.

Look for plants and animals that make pigments for polished leathers that were the most exquisite pieces. Jewelry and trinkets, as it currently does Stuart Weitzman, were currents among the ladies of the high society.

And if in the ancient Greece began to use high platforms between the artists of the theatre, the Roman ladies also pointed to this form of get on a pair of shoes. They were very rustic and dangerous, since this type of shoe was not designed and manufactured with some elegance and security until as recently: the first decades of the 20th century. It was Salvatore Ferragamo which investigated the anatomy of the foot to do this type of easy models for every day use.

Although the heights were favored by the wealthy Roman patrician ladies, the stilettos are even later. Roger Vivier developed them to complete the New Look of Christian Dior. But that was centuries later and we are still in the Roman Empire.


Samsung Galaxy Gear: Not Even Worth to Sell As a Copy

CNN has visited a large disktrikt of counterfeit goods in China where it has completely dropped Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Samsung was one of the first major players on wearable tech-market with their Galaxy Gear, but someone would think that they were just early enough out. CNN has visited Huaqiangbei in Shenzhen district-one of the major areas in which traded with counterfeit goods of electronics.

One employee explains that you do not copy the Gear more, demand is simply too low.

On China’s fake market, you can often get a feel for which gadgets there is and will continue to be popular.You are in a market economy that works in incredible speed, “any product will be judged inside and out on a daily basis and the competition is brutal” tells Alf Rehn, professor at Åbo Akademi University in Finland to CNN.

Types of Shoes in Ancient Rome

Although the beginnings of the shoe are lost in the mists of time, the first representations of minimal sandals are to be found in the ancient Egypt, as luce Nefertiti in a mural painting found in his tomb. While the simple little shoes people used, since most of the days spent barefoot, there was an appreciation for this garment between the aristocratic elite and the Pharaohs.

The shoe in the ancient Greece

A bit of the same was happening in cities that made up the cultured Greece. Fishermen and farmers had no qualms about walking barefoot and reserved this garment for special occasions. Little by little, however, as there were greater wealth, shoes began to be essential and the trade of Shoemaker (linked to the Tanner), was made a hole in the Greek craftsmanship.

In literature and the fragments of texts that have come up to us we can know what kind of model was the most widely used and even a basic vocabulary.

From the year 1000 B.C. following the Hebrew techniques of tanning, began to make some simple shoes with leather floor and ribbons which are tied along the leg. For works of art, know that they are models that set out today, especially among the Italian designers. Ferragamo or Cavalli, to give just one example, have taken similar, but much more sophisticated, to the catwalk.

The names of shoes of the ancient Greece which has come to us

As the literature is extensive, is also the vocabulary, and to this day, we can learn some names associated with each of the models of footwear this antiquity people used. These words tell us about social classes, tastes and needs. He writes:

Cothurnus. It is perhaps the most extravagant model, but also the more imaginative, since actors of theatre were used only when they climbed to the tables. They consisted of high platforms closed on all foot and part of the calf (to walk with some security). They had a very specific purpose: soar over the rest of the public and which could see the action on the stage. Bridging the gap, they had one point in common with the bizarre models that have used Lady Gaga.

  • Krepides. It was the most simple model and appears in many ancient sculptures. Simpler an espadrille or an albarca, consisted of a leather sole tied with Ribbons that are tied enough leg.
  • Koila Upodémata. This name appears in the epic literature, since they were the models used by the soldiers. They wore spikes on the floor (very similar to the current football boots) to all kinds of dangerous roads.
  • Krepidoi. Shoes closed for winter profusely decorated with natural dyes and tacks. Social status also came to footwear, as there was a model, with tabs, which could only fit a free citizen.
  • Embades. A type of boot decorated Baroque patterned shape and colorful, mostly female designs. When these booties were white passed to be called Ninfedes.

All this vocabulary, which is not exhausted in the previous list, denoting a refinement in dress very similar to that which exists today. That led to a whole industry of hitherto non-existent footwear and a form of complex life, since artistic aspects not only weigh or fashion, also of social symbolism.

Like almost everything related to the Greek culture, the Romans also borrowed the particular way of dressing the foot of the Hellenic people.


HTC M8: Leaked Image of Cover with Extra Pocket on the Back

The extra space is supposed to be for fingerprint scanner or an extra camera for improved image quality in low light conditions.

Are we to believe earlier rumors, so will be the name of HTC One sequel HTC One +. A new image as our site has emerged, showing an extra hole at the back of the phone, just above where the camera/LED Flash will be placed …

If you dare to believe that this image actually shows the back on HTC’s next top model, it confirms one of two pending rumors. Either it is a scanner for fingerprints, otherwise it is an extra camera lens to take better pictures in situations with less light.

The location of the extra hole leads me to believe that there is no question of a scanner for fingerprints, it does not work as specifically naturally having to scan his finger at the top of the phone where the cover bows.
I also think it should not be necessary to lift his phone to unlock it, in my world, a scanner must sit on the front-what do you think?