The Danes Have Better Coverage

A new statement shows that Danes’ mobile and network connections has been significantly faster.

More Danes have got access to fast internet and good mobile coverage. It shows the new figures from the Danish Ministry of business and growth. Today, 70 percent of Danes option for 100 Mbit/s download, against only 60 percent one year ago.

At the same time, areas with poor mobile coverage has been less. There are today good mobile coverage in 497 of Denmark’s 586 zip codes.

Business and growth minister, Henrik Sass Larsen, promises, however, that the Government has focused on how to create even better access to fast internet and good mobile voice coverage, as there are still areas where businesses and consumers cannot get the mobile connection or broadband speed they want. And it is important, if Denmark must have growth, development and employment throughout the country. It writes business and growth, the Ministry said in a statement.

View the entire Business and growth the Ministry’s Mobile mapping 2013 and Broadband mapping 2013.

HTC Invites to Events in October-HTC One Max?

HTC invites the world’s press to events in the upcoming week. I wonder if HTC One Max is on the stairs?

There have been many leak of HTC One Max and maybe the now-soon is around the corner. HTC has just sent out invitations to an event, which will be held on 16 September. October.

It seems that HTC is organising several events to an event invitation is in Hong Kong on 16. October, while the invitation for an event in Taiwan is called the 18.October. It writes our site. Continue reading HTC Invites to Events in October-HTC One Max?

Apple with the Winning Hand Prior to the Lawsuit with Samsung

Judge Lucy Koh has crippled a Samsung patent, and in addition, certain that they have broken one of Apple’s prior to the trial.

Despite the fact that Apple and Samsung will bury the hatchet, so there are still scheduled start of the new trial between the two warring parties.

To have judge Lucy Koh, who has been involved from the start, given that each of the two, only to bring 5 actions against each other.

However, she has, prior to the trial now that Samsung has violated one of Apple’s 5 patents, and even crippled one of Samsung’s own. It writes our site. Continue reading Apple with the Winning Hand Prior to the Lawsuit with Samsung

Samsung’s Path to the Throne on the Smartphone Market

Nokia and Sony Ericsson prevailed on the mobile market, until Apple and Samsung overtook from behind. Read the analyst explanation.

Samsung is now the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, but this did not come from one day to the next. Mobile Analyst Horace Dediu estimates that Samsung’s role as a supplier to Apple and their large production muscle has been crucial to the in a few years, could grow from 0 to 30 percent of smartphone market. It writes our site.

The mobile industry is an industry where there is tremendous development and there have been major upheavals for computer and phone manufacturers in recent years. Continue reading Samsung’s Path to the Throne on the Smartphone Market

LG Get Fingerprint Scanner in Future Top Models

LG ready to deploy fingerprint scanner in future top models.

Fingerprint scanners are becoming the new black in smartphones, at the latest, we have seen it in Apple’s latest iPhone and HTC ´ s One 5S Max.

And even if the next step in biometric recognition, iris scan, probably is imminent, so tells ETNews according to Android Guys that LG is on the road with fingerprint recognition in their upcoming top models.

We don’t get mentioned specific models, but LG is on the way with the LG and LG G3 G2 Pro, why these might be good bud. LG G2 Pro is especially a great bid, since his predecessor LG G2 was already associated with a fingerprint scanner, which, however, was shelved because of prolonged development.

LG 3 G is expected to be presented around may, and LG G2 Pro a little earlier-maybe a subject for the Mobile World Congress in February?

Apple Keeps iPad Event on 22 May. October

On Tuesday, 22. October 2013 is perhaps the date of the next iPad event. New iPad and iPad Mini with A7-processor on the way.

Apple has apparently little more up his sleeve, as they’d like to share with the outside world, and perhaps be in the shops before Christmas trade really sets in.

People who are familiar with Apple’s plans, telling to our site being sent invitations out to the press, about an event on 22. October.

There will be talk about news from Apple’s iPad product line, but also the Mac Pro and OS X Mavericks will be seated at the event. Continue reading Apple Keeps iPad Event on 22 May. October

Modern Combat 4-Download the Game Free for iPhone and iPad

Download one of the wildest action game for iPhone and iPad totally free for the rest of January.

One of the most action-packed games, is for a limited period of time been free to download if you have one of the following iOS devices: iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Modern Combat 4-Zero Hour can now be downloaded for free through the App Store, if you download our site.

The game is a first-person-shooter, and through the fast-paced courses, you will be taken with all over the world, from Antarctica to Barcelona to fight in wild battles.

Modern Combat 4-Zero Hour is also available for Android via Google Play to 45 dollars and for Windows Phone in Windows Phone Great for 46 kroner.

Sony Will Also Have High Res Audio Widespread

Sound and music studio-quality must be disseminated more, think Sony, which now strikes a blow for better sound quality.

Since LG introduced the topproduktet G2 struck a blow for that phone can play music in studio quality, or High Resolution Audio, as it is also called.

Now follows Sony up. Along with Universal Music, Warner Music and Sony Music will they attach to a number of songs in high resolution audio, on a selection of the company’s audio products. You can see the list below.

The so-called lossless technology makes it possible to create audio files with a resolution of 24 bit/192 kHz, which is something more than the CD’s 16 bit/44.1 kHz resolution, and, of course, significantly more than the MP3 files many today using. Continue reading Sony Will Also Have High Res Audio Widespread

Buy Audiobooks and Help Support a Good Cause

Get 8 audiobooks for a price, you decide.

Humble Bundle, which so far has offered games in a good cause, just now a number of audio books, at a price you determine.

For the optional amount gets you access to 8 audiobooks. Are you paying more than the average contribution, you will receive 3 extra audio books on top of the hat. See Committee on our site.

Of the amount you pay, you decide how much to go to the charities, to the authors (or game developers) and how much you want to accrue to the Humble Bundle.

Audio books mainly is only available in English and is only available in a limited time period of 14 days from the current date. Audio books mainly acquired as MP3 that can be played on all platforms.

At our site is also a Store where there are games at fixed prices, as well as Humble Weekly Sale, where you put the price of games, in the same way as with audio books mainly.

iPhone 5S and 5 C-Here Is the Official Danish Prices

Apple has now released the official Danish prices on iPhone 5S and 5 c. View them here.

Apple has finally announced that the new iPhones will land in Denmark Friday the 25. October 2013.

Together with the date is the recommended rates also released.

Below you can see the prices from Apple.

iPhone 5S

-16 GB: 5,399 crowns
-32 GB: 6,199 crowns
-64 GB: 6,999 crowns Continue reading iPhone 5S and 5 C-Here Is the Official Danish Prices

Telenor Will Equip the Telecommunications Mast with Windmill

Renewable wind energy to help operate the Telenor mobile master-if allowed.

The idea behind the wind turbine is, of course, to use renewable energy to deliver something to power consumption to the mast.

Morten S, netplanlægger in Telenor, explaining that they want to get some more experience with renewable energy. Why have you applied for placing a wind turbine on a mast in Lemvig municipality so that we can measure the extent to which it can contribute to the operation of the telecommunications mast.

Wind mill to be set up is 2.6 meters high and has a storm flap at 1.9 meters-for comparison, the mast itself 48 meters high and just under 2 metres wide at the top.  Continue reading Telenor Will Equip the Telecommunications Mast with Windmill

Samsung Galaxy Note 3-the Test Is in Progress

Third generation of Galaxy Note is the country for testing. We will look at how the new model performs compared to its predecessor the Note II.

Since Samsung back into 2011 came with the first Galaxy Note was the start of a whole new product category in the mobile industry, which since has become incredibly popular.

Overall, Samsung has sold about 40 million Galaxy Note devices before the sales start of the Note 3-and this year’s model has gotten a 5.7 inch Full HD Super AMOLED display, 3 GB RAM, 2.3 GHz quad-core processor, 8 megapixel camera, 2 megapixels front camera, 3,200 mAh battery and video recorder can record in Ultra High Definition (UHD) at 30 fps, which makes you can create own video material If you have a 4 k TV.

Galaxy Note 3 have an indicative price at 5,500 dollars without subscription for the 32 GB version, but can just now, according to our site, is available down to 5,175 dollars without subscription.

Leaked: See Pictures of “iOS in the Car”-Feature

Developer claims to have enabled “iOS in the car” feature before the official launch, and are ready with pictures.

Apple introduced in summer’s world for their upcoming “iOS in the car” feature, which is intended, to reconcile the car works with iOS devices. Eddie Cue, which is Apple’s VP of internet software and services, also told that several automakers would start deployment in 2014.

By then Developer Conference showed Eddie Cue, too, how the feature would come to look when car manufacturers were ready with implementation. Now, however, it suggests that Apple still tweaker appearance of “iOS in the car”.

It is the developer Steven Througton-Smith, who reportedly has enabled feature, and shared pictures of it on Twitter. It writes our site. Continue reading Leaked: See Pictures of “iOS in the Car”-Feature

Samsung Is on the Road with a Galaxy Note 3 Mini?

Rumor: the Internet is flowing regularly over with rumors about upcoming smartphones, the newest is a Galaxy Note 3 Mini is on its way.

This must be noted so far as a “rumor”, but early speculation in on Samsung is on the way to, to spread their “mini-series”, so that it also covers Galaxy Note series.

The rumor comes from the website our site which tracker import and export to and from India. And here is a model number SM-P601 so appeared. It writes our site.

Previously there speculated that this would be a new version of the Galaxy Tab 10, but now it turns out that it has a screen of 5.25 inch and who therefore may be talking about a Galaxy Note 3 Mini. However, it can also be a new Galaxy Mega-unit.

However, there is only talk of rumors and speculation. Samsung has also not commented on this.

Tip: Windows Phone Can Be Your Personal Translator at the Holidays

When the menu is not meaningful on the holidays, your Windows Phone-Mobile can translate the content for you.

When you are in the South, and have found a local restaurant tucked out of the way of sweating tourists, it’s not always that they have translated the menu for formfuldent English.

The waiters are also not always international in the language when the order finally to be taken against it.

Maybe a quick dictionary can help, so you as soon as possible comes into possession of the icy cola’er, which should help keep the location in the sun before the food is ready.  Continue reading Tip: Windows Phone Can Be Your Personal Translator at the Holidays

Is This HTC Sense 5.5?

Images leaked by what is expected to be HTC Sense 5.5-see the photos here and read about the new features.

HTC Sense is one of the oldest user interfaces on the market and now has a new and updated version, perhaps on the way. There is leaked images of what is expected to be, Sense 5.5. It writes our site.

Last time it was updated was at the launch of the HTC One, where, among other things, came the function Blinkfeed with him. Blinkfeed function is based on users ‘ assessment, either you love or hate a feature and it appears that the next version of can turn Blinkfeed on or off. Continue reading Is This HTC Sense 5.5?

Sony Xperia: Next Top Model with 4 K Video

Sony’s next top model D6503, also known under the code name Sirius, get 4 k video recording.

Sony’s next top model D6503, also known under the code name Sirius, are expected on the market around Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February.

There have been several rumors about Sirius, and promotion from our site have it sounded that Sirius will come with Android 4.4 KitKat, but in for now, we have only seen screenshots with Android 4.3 on the device.

Now our site can show new screenshots of your device software with Android 4.4 KitKat, and it reveals a little more about the upcoming phone.

SIRIUS can capture the Time shift video and record video in 4 k ultra high definition, as evidenced by the picture above. 4 k recording was otherwise on reputation base even before the introduction of the Sony Xperia Z1, but now it should be good enough.

Be Aware of Your Behaviour on the Road

It is a good idea to be aware of your behaviour in traffic, more accused falsely of speaking in handheld mobile.

You must be careful not to have your hands by your ears or neck when you drive a car. Several motorists experience, being accused of speaking in handheld cell phone while driving. This has now gotten FDM to engage in some cases. It writes our site.

It can be if you cross a police car at an intersection, where, for example, just itch in the ear or the like. Think the COP so that you have spoken in handheld cell phone is it his explanation, taken into account in court.

Most often when a motorist accused of having spoken in handheld, mobile phone, then recognizes the motorist instantly and therefore get a fine. But when the motorist rejects the charge, so will be the claim against the claim. Continue reading Be Aware of Your Behaviour on the Road

Incipio “Cashwrap” Brings NFC for iPhone

For those customers who cannot do without the NFC technology in their Apple mobile, the wait may soon be over.

Apple has so far not brought the NFC technology (Near field communication) to the popular iPhone. Probably because that the company has big plans with their own iBeacon technology which we Danes are yet to see the use of.

Cover can solve the problem
At CES in Las Vegas could cover manufacturer Incipio in cooperation with American AT & T however, showcase their new iPhone cover, which has the NFC chip built-in. The cover utilizes “Isis Mobile Wallet”, which is an American payment solution. A solution which Android users have enjoyed since October.

Now is the cover appeared with price tag on, so there is some evidence that at & T prepares to throw them over the counter. The cover will cost around $ 70 dollars, and therefore be able to ensure the most recent iPhone models NFC. It writes our site.

There is no doubt that this cover is not a real solution to the mobile-payment for Apple, so we must wait and see whether the 2014 will be the year when Apple brings new to the area.


Sony Xperia Z1 Mini Is a Diminished Xperia Z1

The rumors have been many, but now Sony launched their Xperia Z1 mini in Japan. It is almost identical to that of the Xperia Z1 on specs.

Sony has just announced the Xperia Z1 Mini, however, is only on the Japanese market-at least for now. It writes our stie.

It is the Japanese telecommunications company DoCoMo, which gets Xperia Z1 Mini exclusive. The phone comes with a 4.3 inch display with 720 p resolution, 2.2 GHz quadcore Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB of internal memory, 20.1 megapixels camera, NFC, Wi-Fi and charging a battery at 2,300 mAh battery.

In relation to several of its competitors’ “mini-versions”, HTC and Samsung, so is Sony’s so more identical specifications with the top model.

Xperia Z1 Mini comes with Android 4.2.2 from sales box. The phone is expected to be first, to get on the Japanese market in december.

It is yet unknown if Sony Xperia Z1 Mini comes on the Danish market.

Learn How to Make Android Apps-Free

American University offers free online courses that make students able to make Android apps for smartphones and tablets.

Do you have a dream to develop applications for the Android platform, and may one day make money on it? So here is a really good place to start.

Professor Adam Porter from the University of Maryland, offer all that they can participate in online courses, there is about developing applications for smartphones and tablets for Android.

The teaching is organised as both theoretical and practical, and contains explanatory video clips. Continue reading Learn How to Make Android Apps-Free

Nokia Asha 503-New Revelation from Our Site

Our site has done it again-unveiled a new device that has not yet been officially-this time a feature phone from Nokia, Asha 503.

Yet another detection from our site have appeared on Twitter, and this time it’s a feature phone, Asha 503 from Nokia.

Evleaks has previously revealed Asha 502, a dualsim phone with LED flash, WiFi and a little different wrapping than Asha 501, is has been on the market for a while.

The latest disclosure is the twin to Asha 502, 503, there will be an Asha for single-sim phone that is otherwise identical to Asha 502.

The new Asha phones 502 and 503 are expected to be revealed at Nokia World in Abu Dhabi on September 22. October, where there also is expected to be a showcase of Nokia Lumia 1520 and Lumia 2520 Windows RT.

Now Comes LG G Flex for Europe

After the launch in both Asia and the United States, it is finally time for that Europeans get the contentious, and self-healing mobile in your hands.

We have heard a lot of time in a room to the curvy smartphone from mobile manufacturer LG. Mobile which, moreover, has already been launched in Asia, and presented to the CES on upcoming availability in the United States.

Now is the time for us in Europe. In a press release from tech-giant, it appears that they begin rollout starting next month. LG G Flex will be available in more than 20 European countries, including the major such as: England, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden and Austria. Continue reading Now Comes LG G Flex for Europe