Kiss Day-Bepantol Derma Lip Regenerator

Imagine the best kiss of your life, one that could be the final scene of a romantic movie. Imagine kissing a loved one who is far away. Imagine the first kiss. Now the last kiss, which will leave a lot of homesickness. Imagine parents Kiss when we are leaving home for an adventure abroad, good luck. And the welcome wagon? Hmmm. Imagine a lick of gratitude of your dog. And still that stolen kiss, the grandparents, the forehead, the friends, with little mark. The kiss in your child, in your diary and even that from a distance, over the phone or Internet. Continue reading Kiss Day-Bepantol Derma Lip Regenerator

The Beauty of Being a Woman Through the Eyes

“If you can’t love yourself how in the hell are you going to love somebody else. Can I get an Amen up in here?”, they say, Rupaul Charles, in every end of episode of your reality show Rupaul’s Drag Race. Your translation-“If you can’t love yourself, that way you’re going to love someone else? Amen? ” – is the idea of this text: talk about love of self . Continue reading The Beauty of Being a Woman Through the Eyes

A Vicuna-Denim Collection

Who follows me on instagram is already aware of the news. The C & A and the Vicuna, company master in jeans, just steady partnership and launched a collection with just parts-desire. I say this because I saw the success it was and how many of them sold out in minutes on last Thursday, March 26, during the event which had the pleasure to participate, check out first-hand, and show you the urges, the hits this collection. Continue reading A Vicuna-Denim Collection

We Love Pandora

Who follows me in urges know my partnership with jewelry brand Pandora – recently produced a Christmas table for the press day of the presentation of the collection, I was at the inauguration of the shopping Morumbi and store in an action at the shopping Eldorado, in the company of Lia Calderon and Ana Barroso, with make-up classes for the new year with the Sisley. Continue reading We Love Pandora

End of Year Black

Was thinking of democratize, the Kola launched the campaign “END of YEAR.

Is this time of year that we have some of the most popular promotions, such as Black Friday and also many people looking for gifts. For this reason, we thought, why not extend that date throughout the whole month of December, giving possibility to purchase with discount for a longer period? Continue reading End of Year Black

DÉCor for Those Renting

Who knows how renting can be hard to let the decor with your guy. There are usually several limitations, such as no paint or Pierce the walls, do not remove doors, not Exchange taps and metal fittings. Well, but also you can’t get discouraged and give up, right? The tips below proves that it is possible, have a nice space even when your nominho is not on the deed of the property. Check it out: Continue reading DÉCor for Those Renting

Collection Jungle Dream with Bia Perotti + MUMI

After my accessories partnerships with Dolores Iguacel and Bitri and scholarship with Mylene Sanches, it is with great joy that I present today my capsule collection of swimwear Jungle Dream, developed in partnership with  MUMI. Continue reading Collection Jungle Dream with Bia Perotti + MUMI

How to Use Scarves, Scarves and Scarves

Easy, easy … I’m not crazy, I know we’re in the middle of December, beginning of summer around here. But the “how to use” today will to travel. Yes, because although we are passing the largest vendor, we at holiday time and a lot of people are getting ready to travel and go spend a few short days of cold in the northern hemisphere. Continue reading How to Use Scarves, Scarves and Scarves

How to Cultivate Plants and Flowers in Small Spaces

We know that they bring life and good energy in the house. But, sometimes, the tight space limits our willingness to have a mini garden, right no more. The people shows that it is possible to bring the plants into the house, in any environment. Continue reading How to Cultivate Plants and Flowers in Small Spaces

Wines that Are Worth Two

Heat season, time to gather friends and eat and drink in good company. Table done, family together and a lot of people to serve, choose wines in magnum bottle that are perfect for the occasion and complement the decor. Equivalent to two bottles of 750 ml, -litre bottles are super charming on the table and add value to the service of the wine. Choose one of these options and surprise your guests! Continue reading Wines that Are Worth Two