What You Know After 40

What I’ve learned with age was, above all, to see life from another perspective. But also realize that if there’s anything you want to do you must roll up his sleeves and fight for it. Time goes by fast and you should regret what you didn’t do, while it was still in your power. It’s never too late to start. That learning is a constant, in good times and in bad. The only person you can change is you. That’s good to hear and have the support of the other, but that you shouldn’t worry too much about what people think of you. After all, it’s your life, not theirs. Continue reading What You Know After 40

Stripes in Sight!

The stripes never pass sets. I bet you still have pictures as a child, using a sweater or dress with this pattern. In addition, the stripes are associated with the sea, thanks to the sailors ‘ uniforms, and the nautical motifs, for what are usually present in the collections during the warmer months of the year. Continue reading Stripes in Sight!

The Same Piece in Two Looks

If you think a white t-shirt is only indicated for the weekend and that classic pants are intended for a more formal look, then see how you can use the same article in two contexts.

Bet on versatile pieces, you can use on more than one occasion, and get your wardrobe. After all, fashion is not rigid and depending on how conjugates the clothes can get a more classical style or more trendy. So get inspired in these six summer looks. Continue reading The Same Piece in Two Looks

5 Jeans in Which Must Have Bet

Some people have dozens of jeans, which will accumulate over the years. Push up, skinny, high or low waist, ripped up, retro-inspired, mom, boyfriend fit, bootcut or leggings are many models of jeans available. In fact, the fashion industry has been to innovate this iconic piece, introducing new cuts and materials such as spandex, which contributed to a greater comfort. Continue reading 5 Jeans in Which Must Have Bet

What to Take in Travel Bag

It’s that time of year, in that or goes on vacation or just think in these blessed days, right? The problem is that the luggage space is limited and you don’t want to leave anything behind. In fact, ideally, take everything with you, if possible. Continue reading What to Take in Travel Bag

6 Secrets of Professional Make-Up People

The cosmetic industry is in permanent evolution, featuring releases increasingly innovative and complex. So, it is not always easy to keep track of the news and incorporate them into your daily routine.

However, many women still continue to make the same mistakes of makeup and not knowing how to take advantage of products that exist in the market. Continue reading 6 Secrets of Professional Make-Up People

Get Up to 40 Years without Wrinkles: Yes, You Can!

This is one of the biggest concerns of women, because the face is always visible and with advancing age the signs of aging. But the emergence of the first wrinkles don’t have to be a drama, after all all women go through this process, sooner or later. Continue reading Get Up to 40 Years without Wrinkles: Yes, You Can!

10 Good Investments on Sale

Who can resist the sale? It’s so nice to be able to take advantage of the fantastic promotions and buy those pieces that’s been dating for some time, right? Had already posted here a few tips to consider before going to the sale, so I decided to bet on the 10 wardrobe Basic, in that it is worth investing your budget. Continue reading 10 Good Investments on Sale

10 Models of Pants for Use This Fall Winter

The autumn-winter is already there and the sets not far from the present beautiful trousers that serve as inspiration for all occasions. The pants make up the female look many years ago, because they are part of the history of the evolution of women. The pants can be made of various fabrics with many models and colors for every occasion. Continue reading 10 Models of Pants for Use This Fall Winter

Colorful Pants-Where to Buy

Every generation new trends are accrued on young fashion. Who does not remember his trousers flared and the colored shirt that marked the Decade of 70? Over the years what always seemed pretty much ended up falling into contradiction and that modifications were being made. The fashion of today is very different from what our grandparents used when they were young. A trend that gained momentum some time are the colorful pants, with bold colors and vibrant. Continue reading Colorful Pants-Where to Buy

Pants Men Skinning: How to Properly Use

The best thing about skinny jeans for men is that now they are better dressed and not with the starting appearance as when wore trousers very wide. Men can wear skinny jeans without any problem or prejudice, that many men still have about the skinny pants by find too tight, but men have to use good judgment in choosing to your skinny pants and does not use it so tight. The first thing you have to know is that there are rules-being the main one that you should use only male skinny jeans that are made to the body of the man, because nobody wants to see you in your girlfriend’s pants. Check out tips! Continue reading Pants Men Skinning: How to Properly Use

As LED Causes Damage and Ways of Prevention

If you are concerned about the negative implications of the use of LED lamps and want to know some ways to prevent their harmful effects, continue reading this article!

Here we will talk about a current issue, which was not our ancestors, since they followed the routine of the Sun, which respected the biological cycle of the hormones (circadian cycle). At the annual Congress of the American Medical Associations held more recently have been highlighted solutions to decrease the effects, both human and environmental, public lighting LED lamps. Continue reading As LED Causes Damage and Ways of Prevention

Manfrotto Announces New Generation of Led Lights

Italian accessory manufacturer Manfrotto has introduced and improved three LED panels that are designed for use by professionals and enthusiasts in the shoes of their digital cameras . The new panels, which are powered by Litepanels, are CROMA2, MICROPRO2 and SPECTRA2.Each of the new models has surface-mounted LEDs, with newprofessional lenses that improve the intensity of illumination, thereby improving efficiency and reducing quality. The company also says that the new technology benefits the accuracy of color reproduction. Continue reading Manfrotto Announces New Generation of Led Lights

6 Tips for Decorating Wedding Party Night

See 6 tips for decorating wedding party night. The Union, when celebrated at night, has a more glamorous and sophisticated. In general, the bride and groom can bet on stylish looks and adopting sumptuous décor.The great advantage of night party is that it also opens up a lot of space to work with. Continue reading 6 Tips for Decorating Wedding Party Night

Hammer Pants: Men’s Fashion Tips

The sarouel pants is already part of the feminine universe for quite some time and is present in all seasons with adaptations on models and fabrics, being lighter for summer and more full-bodied in winter. The new trend however, pointing to the creation of the male models and has won a growing number of fans. However the hammer to fashion men still need to face some cultural barriers in Brazil for the sets to reach the same level. To use the templates in addition to modern and hip is also needed a dose of boldness, since fashion is not fully accepted by here. Check out some tips on how to match the pants saruel men with other pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories and use without fear of making mistakes. Continue reading Hammer Pants: Men’s Fashion Tips