2016 Fitness Fashion Trends

Nowadays a lot of women are concerned about health and fitness, and that practice physical activities.
With it has increased the demand for fitness parts are to do exercise on the street, at home or at the gym. After all, every woman likes to feel good and beautiful in any type of occasion.
According to andyoutdoor.com, fitness fashion is always renewed, and each year new trends emerge successfully with women practitioners of physical activities.
After all, is a lot more enthusiasm make the Academy or any other physical activity being fashionable and comfortable, isn’t it?
So, if you care about the clothes they wear to work out and is always following the current fashion, the following are the main fashion trends fitness 2016.
Short Skirt
This piece has done a lot of success with women that work out for valuing the body and be very comfortable. The most daring women like to wear short skirt with a top, but in this case, the best alternative is to bet on the high waist that cover the bellybuttons.
Already reserved women can use this trend with more fresh tops and discreet. The result is a less flashy and comfortable, that leaves only the legs showing. In addition, there are various models of skirt shorts, patterned, plain, with Ruffles, more fairly, among others.
Pants Leggings with Skirt
Another fashion trend fitness 2016 that will make the head of the women’s legging pants that have a kind of skirt covering the hip. These models of pants being much sought after by disguise your hips and avoid markups on clothing, providing more comfort in time to work out.
Vibrant Colors Pants
The vibrant colors will be very successful in fashion fitness 2016 and promise to leave the looks more cheerful. This trend will conquer women bolder, who is not afraid to bet on bold colors and flashy. In addition, these colors combine very well with this type of occasion that has no a bit of formality.
Pants and Patterned Shorts
Pants and shorts with printed different kinds will continue with all in 2016. After all, the look of Academy has everything to do with colors and prints, since it is completely stripped and comfortable. The pictures help to leave more interesting and modern according to the personality of each woman.
Like the 2016 fitness, fashion trends are choosing the parts more has to do with you to work out in style! Here are more images of pieces that will make success on this year’s fitness fashion!