20 Weeks of Pregnancy

They have been a long 20 weeks of pregnancy, but you already spent half of waiting. From now on your pregnancy is more tangible, from the size of your belly and the baby’s movements, to the imminence of arrival and preparations.

  • Your baby measures: 10 inches (a little more than 25 centimeters)
  • More or less of the size of: your forearm (wrist to elbow).
  • Weight: 10 ounces (283 grams), what weighs more or less a volleyball ball.

Your baby

Perhaps you noticed that the 20 week pregnancy 19 the measure of the size of your baby increased significantly. Those inches more are actually the result of a change in the way of measuring your little. Before, when his legs were developing and crushed against the chest, according to this blog,  it was more difficult to measure them, by what sizes them were taken from head to their buttocks. Now that your little tips are clearly formed, it is possible to measure them with an ultrasound to more accurately know your size.
This will be the measure used until its birth.
Did you know that your baby swallows amniotic fluid from 12 weeks of pregnancy and eliminated through urine. However, from now on, part of the digested amniotic fluid accumulates in your intestines to become meconium. Meconium is the first stool of the baby; What will be the first time that soiled her diaper after birth (or before, in some cases). It is a substance of black and dark green, and viscous consistency.
If your baby is a girl, her uterus is already well formed and contains all the eggs in her life (million by now, although that amount gradually decreases). In addition, it begins to form the vaginal canal.
In men, the testicles begin his descent from the abdomen into the scrotum, which is in the process of formation.
The skin of your small, which until now was thin and almost transparent, starts to develop different layers and increase its thickness.

Your body

Remember that navel sexy you lucías with your bikinis? To reach this stage of pregnancy, your navel start to be reversed, and goes from being a perfect dimple in your abdomen to look more like a small mound exposed by the pressure of the belly that grows.
At 20 weeks of pregnancy, your navel also marks the height of the bottom of your uterus, which also reaches the half of your abdomen to reach half of the pregnancy (if you want to feel it, follow the instructions detailed at 18 weeks of pregnancy).
Your nails and hair are growing fast and strong, thanks to pregnancy hormones. Unfortunately, that means that the hair in unwanted places is growing in greater numbers and faster too. Both symptoms are passengers, and will disappear after birth (visit this link)).
If you have not done so yet, this week, you can have your anatomical ultrasound of half of the pregnancy. For you, it’s a chance to see your little and know their sex. Your doctor, on the other hand, pending your baby, your position, structural abnormalities, flow measurements by the umbilical cord, placenta, its organs, amount of amniotic fluid and other details that reveal the optimal development of your little (you can interest: are safe in pregnancy ultrasound? )).
Your weight gain can already walk about 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms), and until the end of your pregnancy will continue increasing from 0, 5-1 pound (0, 22-0, 45 kg) per week. Not all these pounds more will your tummy; in reality, the weight in pregnancy is distributed throughout your body.