2 Weeks of Pregnancy

After two weeks of pregnancy, your baby is just an egg ready to be fertilized.
Between the second and third week of your menstrual cycle, an egg, which until now was inside a follicle in the ovary, reaches its point of ripeness. In the middle of your cycle, i.e. around your 14 day if you have a regular 28-day period, the egg is released. It travels through the fallopian tube, where it can be fertilized by a sperm.
If you are trying to get pregnant and want to have a more precise date of your ovulation, can use ovulation kits (compare prices using this link to ovulation tests or an ovulation calculator (in English).

Your body and your pregnancy

The middle of your menstrual cycle stage is usually your fertile period. The egg is viable for a period between 12 and 24 hours, and your chances of getting pregnant are around 20% in each cycle.
When you have unprotected sex, millions of sperm travel through the vaginal canal, new entrants of the cervix and seek their way to the fallopian tubes.


Your baby begins its formation from fertilization, that is the moment when the sperm penetrates the egg. Immediately, the walls of the egg are reinforced to prevent the entry of more sperm. From now on, your baby already has all the genetic information needed to develop, including their sex.

How do I know if I am pregnant?

In fact it is too early yet to know if you are pregnant. Some women say “feel” her pregnancy, but there are no immediate symptoms home tests that can confirm fertilization. If anxiety kills you, you can look for signs in the next few days or weeks, as the pregnancy symptoms: early days (until the menstruation is missing you )).