18 Weeks of Pregnancy

At 18 weeks of pregnancy is a moment you’ve been waiting for from the beginning: you can already feel your baby’s movements!

  • Your baby measures: 6.5 inch (little more than 16 cm)
  • More or less of the size: the cordless phone in your home.
  • Weight: 7 oz (198 g), what weighs more or less a tube of toothpaste.

Your baby

Your baby is very busy doing manoeuvres: legs, arms and even his face begin to use their muscles and practice moves for the real world. If you’re lucky, you can see them in an ultrasound test, from kicks and twists, to yawns and hiccups and facial expressions (and sex, if you still don’t know it).
To 18 weeks of pregnancy, already many mothers can feel the juggling of their small, but identify them can cost you a little at the beginning. To feel them, you try to lie down and relax for a while, and pays attention to the sensations in your lower abdominal. Mothers are described as a bubbling, gas or butterflies in the stomach.
If you can not on the first attempts, don’t miss the calm or panic. It may be that your little sleeping at that time. As your pregnancy progresses the movements are more marked, and will be able to feel when your baby has hiccups.
In addition, this week your little fingerprints are formed and emerges a protective covering around nerve called myelin. Its function is to facilitate the rapid transmission of impulses to the brain. The appearance of your little continues its evolution, with ears in its final position and his eyes are located towards the front (not so much sideways, as before).
In girls, will complete the formation of the uterus and fallopian tubes. While in males, their external genitalia are clearly visible.

Your body

Week 18 of pregnancy brings you beautiful moments, but also headaches and new inconveniences. For example, you can suffer:

  • Back pain caused by the weight of the uterus.
  • Leg pain from the pressure of your uterus puts on your sciatic nerve
  • Swelling in the feet and ankles by the retention of liquids
  • Dizziness due to your low blood pressure and change in your center of gravity as your belly is growing.
  • In addition to the typical symptoms of pregnancy in the second trimester

The best remedy for all these ailments is the rest. Remember that your body works twice when you are pregnant (form a little person requires effort!), and you deserve a NAP. That Yes, when you lie down, try to do it on your left side to relieve pressure on your sciatic nerve and the inferior vena cava (which affects your blood pressure and flow of nutrients, oxygen and blood to the placenta).
If you have not taken it yet, an anatomical ultrasound is necessary in week 18 of pregnancy to verify appropriate your little growth. If you don’t want to know the sex of your baby, communicate your preference to the physician, technician, nurses and much person is involved for anyone to be out by mistake.
This week is also is the recommended deadline for two prenatal testing:

  • The triple scan test, a blood test that evaluates the possibility of your baby suffering from chromosomal anomalies.
  • Amniocentesis (if they require it).

Know that…? Your doctor measures your uterus at every appointment of prenatal care as an indicator of the growth of your baby and your pregnancy development. You can also do this exercise to get an idea of the progress of your belly.
You need a soft tape measure, such as those used for sewing, with marks for the cm. Follow these steps:

  1. It is your pubic bone, which is located at the top of the pubic hair.
  2. Place your tape measure with zero on your pubic bone. Every centimetre represents a week of pregnancy, then locates the number in centimeters equivalent to the gestational age of your baby and begins to feel the area gently. The bottom of your uterus can be located four centimeters above or below your measurement (as point of reference, if you are 17 weeks pregnant, your uterus almost reaches the level of your navel).
  3. Your uterus feel round and firm, and you can feel until you arrive where to locate its fund. Remember not to press hard.