16 Weeks of Pregnancy

Reaching the 16 weeks of pregnancy begins an exciting stage for you and your little. These days, it gains the ability to hear and perceive light, and with luck, maybe you can find out their sex.

  • Your baby measures: 5 inch
  • More or less of the size: the height of a gas soft-drink can.
  • Weight: 3.5 ounces (100 grams), roughly the weight of a stick of butter.

Your baby

Your baby can already hear your voice! This week, the small bones that make up your hearing system are formed and placed into position, so your little can hear the sounds of the outside world. Talk about everything that you can, because it’s an excellent opportunity to start your relationship with your little. Read more.
Although his eyelids are closed, your baby can also move her eyes from one side to another. If you put a light source (such as a focus) in your belly, your little can perceive it and may respond with movement.
Meanwhile, the bones of your baby increase density and his muscles gain strength.
Muscles of the neck, for example, are already able to hold his head a little, and the of the back allow you to stretch out and straightened from time to time. The nervous system of your little longer works and your muscles respond to brain stimuli. Soon you will be able feel his kicks!
Limbs continue to grow to reach the appropriate proportion. By now, your baby has arms and legs thin, greasy little cover, and almost transparent skin.
Your baby’s genitals are visible, and you can already find out the sex of your baby through ultrasound – position permitting.

Your body

The 16 weeks of pregnancy your uterus is three inches below your navel and weighs about 9 ounces (255 grams).
Even if your belly is barely noticed, these weeks of tranquility are the ideal time to start changing habits and you go to preparing for the arrival of the baby. For example, did you know that during the pregnancy you should not sleep on your back? The ideal sleeping position is on your left side, rest on your back or your right side can put pressure on the inferior vena cava, which could affect your blood pressure and the flow of nutrients, blood and oxygen to the placenta. Get used to sleeping on your left side now that can move more easily (read more), so when your tummy grow and harder to get comfortable, and your body will be accustomed to the position. You can use a pillow for pregnant women, it is supporting your head, back, legs and belly (more on this and other very useful products during pregnancy in 10 gift ideas for a pregnant).
In your prenatal appointment, this week you can have the triple scan test and amniocentesis (if necessary). As part of your routine care, in the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy you can also have an anatomical ultrasound, which allows the doctor to evaluate your small and their development with respect to gestational age, measure the amount of amniotic fluid, examine the placenta and flow through the umbilical cord, and knowing the sex of the baby (if you want to know it).