15 Wedding Dresses That Say Yes To Winter

While winter weddings become more democratic than ever before, the frail wedding dress use of stylistic arguments to adorn themselves against the cold. The evidence with our selection.

Organized at the top of the mountains, or, more simply, during the winter season, a marriage celebrated in times of cold weather looks as idyllic in summer: the often snowy décor, a warm atmosphere animated by the

spirit of the holiday season and a fairytale wedding dress doubly dressed in fabrics. Focus on the models of our selection.

The wedding dresses of the collections fall-winter 2016

By multiplying the collaboration mode, the creators of dresses bride modernizes and democratizes the nuptial uniform to better break with stylistic marriage Protocol. Thus, free of coercion, the designer Sophie Sarfati invites vest in her “Bridal” collections. Inlaid of chiffon wedding dress on the forearm, the model dresses of a mixture of wool and mohair, for effect eating almost air.

More light but all also covering, the blazer lace Donatelle Godart and shirt, for embroidery in transparency, workshop Manon Pascual who is perfectly similar to a classic strapless wedding dress.

Just as daring, brand Lorafolk, specialist of the big day outfits, unveils a jacket leather, lined with fur at the level of the neck and sleeves. A model Immaculate, perfect to warm up a wedding dress, at least up to the altar.

More conventional, the Delphine Manivet dress reveals some features of resemblance with the sweater while self-portrait model stepping up of tulle and lace to counter the cold in a more subtle way.