15 Style Muses – Brazil

Did teeempo that again writing this post about my “muses brasucas style”.
Live blogging about the Yankee, but we have girls around here that teem with originality and style. With you, 15 names to note, keep an eye (follow you!) and be inspired.

  1. Betina de Luca – @betinadeluca
    I love their unusual mix of colors and prints, with ethnic touch, always awarded by wonderful accessories-many of your brand Virzi de Luca.
    2. Chris Pitanguy – @chrispitanguy
    Tres Chic, Chris is synonymous with sexy & cool. Very skinny , leather high heels, bijoux rocker, big hair, make-up with eyes marked … beautiful!
    3. Helena Bordon – @helenabordon
    Mohamed transitions for different styles and that’s what I like best. Girl, casual, gala, fun, fashionista … Blonde, skinny, Babe and globe trotter, their looks always inspire me.
    4. Aline Weber – @alineweber_real
    The model has a boho style rocker that I love. Your hair deserves special mention. I love the combo’sskinny jeans + band + shirt + leather jacket boots she always bet.
    5. Amanda Stripped – @amandacassou
    One of the housewives of the Gallerist, Amanda is a fan of prints as I, but can use them without being ridiculous. With denim jacket and high heels, almost going to the party.
    6. Camila Milk – @leitecamila
    CAMI’s spending a season in NYC and your style is more and more inspiring. Efortless chicfan, your charm is in the details: a special, unusual accessory fringe, cropped tops, sweatshirt and the “basics” of the wardrobe used in unique way.
    7. Vanessa Rozan – @vanessarozan
    The Muse of an artist’s brush always inspired me. Fan of antique jewelry, parts with shape and retro scent, leaves everything with your face and no face of Grandma. Do you know how? Mouth red, modern haircut and many tattoos.
    8. Cris Barros – @cris_barros_
    The designer is one of my favorites. His creations are for girls like her who love a 70 more minimal. You can? Yes! Details such as franhas, newspaper clippings, transparencies, am aware of modeling, tamancão … She is the best “shop window” of your brand.
    9. Helena White – @helenabranquinho
    Helena is a Portuguese living in mines and always surprises me with their combinations. Maximum jackets with cropped tops/pants, mix of colors, textures and prints. Even the basics, with it’s special.
    10. Julia Petit – @petisco
    The country’s most famous redhead has always been my diva! Own a collection of jewels and bijoux, their productions always have a rocker or vintage. Even when using black, she gives your total touch and makes beautiful.
    11. Manuela Bordasch – @manuelabordasch
    One of the partners of the Steal the Look, Manu’s never “more or less”. Lol! I love your hi lo of boot with sweater dress, her pantsuits, salopets jeans and looks femme fatale with over the kneeboots. Inspiration for every occasion.
    12. Luiza Setubal – @luizasetubal
    The owner of the Lool isn’t afraid to use “all together at the same time” and that’s exactly what I like. I love your originality and maximalismo!
    13.Victoria Ceridono – @diadebeaute
    VIC is a lady. Chic and elegant owns a classic style but without being lame. Midi skirts come with cropped tops or shirts with flowers. Love your Moon rocks that complement the looks!
    14. Mariana Stripped – @maricassou
    One of my favorite, has the red lipstick as a registered trademark and “feet on the ground”, thanks to his 1.80 m. Mari always blows me away, I can’t tell …
    Martha Graeff – @marthagraeff
    The model is darling of photographers of street style not for nothing-looks and well-thought-out for his appearances. Emphasis on the choice of scenarios for your photos, which makes it even more interesting and inspiring.

And there? What is your favorite?