15 Nail Polish for Use in the Winter

Fifteen glazes to use and abuse in the winter of 2014.
There’s still plenty of time for the onset of winter, but it’s never too early to get inside of the main trends of the seasons to come. An item of beauty that has won increasingly adept is the enamel, appearing each day in new colors and textures. Whenever a new season comes, the stakes also give account of the colorful jars, so let’s be alloys in the news for 2014:
Winter is a cold season, everybody knows, so we end up using more cool colors, i.e. dark, closed and more discreet. It may sound cliché, but this maxim fits fashion trends and bets for the glaze in this year. The shades of Bordeaux pulled the wine, the reflectivity and the cherry red are some of the darker shades that should not leave the nails of the classics.
Those who prefer a more modern probably will like the trend that brings the glazes with metallic effect for the darlings. In addition, the shades of silver, Golden, coppery and champagne.
For the day to day, or even for all occasions you is basic, the nail polish in shade of nude at ehealthfacts, that is, skin tones, light and creamy texture follow up, as usual. They give the appearance of cleaning the hands and are a sure choice for all times.
The most daring can also invest in more exotic coloured glazes, as military green, in their variety. The traditional military green is going through the clothes, conquering more and more space in the fight against the basic black enamel, liked by many fashionistas. If you prefer, you can bet on that draw more versions for the shade of gray or green sheet.
Yet for the more traditional shades of bright red, coral Orange, whiten and roses follow up.