12 Essential Classics of Fashion

Among the dozens of pieces that make up the Repertoire of fashion, some stand out because they are classics, keeping the male closet for decades or even centuries. Below we set up a list with 12 essential clothing for men of good taste:

1-Basic White T-Shirt

She can be escondidinha under a shirt or gain prominence with a denim killer, but nobody can deny that the classic white t-shirt is indispensable. It is the most basic item, cheap and iconic of all, wearing people of all ages and sexes and keeping the charm for decades.

2–The Perfecto Jacket

His rebel appeal has already served to wear some of the most memorable movie characters, such as those experienced by James Dean. Adopted by bikers, rockers and punks, she turned into pop symbol and became the object of desire of 9 between 10 men.Unfortunately in our country the prohibitive prices of the articles in this and other leather jackets in this material a distant dream, but not for this less desirable!

3-The Navy Suit

The Joker of the suits, serves for almost every occasion and has no contraindications. Every man should have one in the closet and use it to prove exhaustion is one of the best investment when it comes to fashion.

4-The Blazer

Recently elected by the readers of GQ as the most important piece of the male wardrobe, and no wonder, any man is better in a blazer. The piece is ideal to give an up in visual and pass an image of sophistication.

5-The All Star Chuck Taylor

For me it is a translation that is a tennis and maybe that explains why this shoes is almost 100 years at the feet of young people worldwide, getting on top of sales in recent years when he abandoned the basic colors and bold prints and set out for fun, gaining new impetus, ready to take over 100 years of men’s fashion.

6-The Jeans

Of course we would not talk about the item of clothing that is one of the foremost companions of man, whether at work or at leisure. The idealized jeans by Levi Strauss in the late 19 century seems not to know boundaries: wins new washes, effects, treatments and wear renewing itself every new idea that comes up.

7–The Khakis

It’s like the white t-shirt, so basic and so functional that sometimes we forget her, but it’s a companion for every moment, as well as the jeans, and the differential of the comfort of the fabric, generally lighter and more malleable. Another quality is your ability to match clothes totally relax or more formal parts without losing the style.

8-The Oxford Shoes

Originating in Scotland and Ireland, the oxfords are classudos shoes that look good both with formal wear, in your more classic version, as with casual clothes when done in top-medical-schools.


Accessory (or not?) which gives Supreme finish any decent production with shirt. Wear a tie, in addition to being more elegant, watch the printing image that always points account who uses.

10–The Trench Coat

The most imposing coat that is there was a product of wartime, but your beauty and style remained in use until the present day when, suddenly, was again object of desire because of the recent collections from your Creator, the brand Burberry, which put the piece in the spotlight in their latest collections, making every man on the planet drool and wish you a.

11-The Polo Shirt

One of the most cherished items for men was created by French tennis player Rene Lacoste fell on popular taste and even today is card easy in any men’s wardrobe. The most interesting of the pole is that it unites the style stripped of the shirt with the shirt buttoned up way, maybe that’s why many choose to this piece when you go to an informal setting, but that requires a visual line.

12–Social Shirt

Last but not least, comes one of the most popular clothing items for men. Find the perfect shirt and how to find the Holy Grail or the path of the Indies, because we all know how she can highlight our qualities or to hide some flaws and who doesn’t love that?