11 Weeks of Pregnancy

Looking for two coins of five U.S. cents (nickels) and place them in the Palm of your hand. This is what your baby weighs on the 11 weeks of pregnancy. And the most amazing thing of all is that with just 10 grams of weight, your little already nearly looks like the baby you will have in your arms in a few months.

  • Your baby measures: between 1.5 and 2 inches (3.81-5 centimeters)
  • More or less of the size of: your thumb

Your baby

Eleven weeks pregnant your baby looks like a tiny version of the small that you’ll soon have arms. Although his head is still larger than the rest of his body, his torso starts to lengthen and straighten, and limbs are long and thin. This week also separate fingers of the hands and feet (before were United by a membrane, like the fingers of ducks or frogs).
Much remains to make it breathe on their own, but already his nose has open nostrils. Your ears will take its final form and there are hair follicles, where his hair come in the following months.
Your little mouth has a well-formed tongue and palate. The diaphragm also begins to develop, and soon your baby will have hiccups. Once you can feel its movements, in a few weeks, you can also feel when you have hiccups.
Their external genitalia continue their development and soon will be identifiable. Your baby, if you are a woman, also develops her ovaries near this week.
As it grows, your child also learns to manipulate her body. At 11 weeks of pregnancy some bones begin to harden and already your little can open and close your hands, move their limbs, swallow, move her mouth, stretching his back, and take turns in your uterus. Missing a few weeks so that you can feel all of this activity, but you can be sure that your baby is very busy all day.

Your body

If you have two or more pregnancies, or are very thin texture, perhaps you start to notice your belly around this week – and insurance your pants have done so you know in advance!
For first-time moms, the belly will take longer to notice, perhaps around four or five months pregnant.
With the changes in your body also come changes in your wardrobe, and it is the perfect time for a shopping trip to maternal clothing store. Perhaps in a home not you consider it necessary, but takes into account that your pregnancy clothes use it only a few months, and if you want to get out of this inevitable investment, it is not such a bad idea to start using it before.