10 Weeks Pregnancy

To accomplish ten weeks of pregnancy, your baby is no longer an embryo and becomes fetus, title leading up to the day of his birth. Already their vital organs begin to operate and your baby must now develop, grow and gain weight – and you also!

  • Your baby measures: between 1.25 to 1.68 inches (between 31 and 42 mm)
  • More or less of the size of: your second toe

Your baby

Your baby barely weighs 4 grams, the same as a soda with butter (saltine cracker cookie).
And at the low age of ten weeks, already finished the most critical stage of their training. Congratulations to both!
Their tiny organs (heart, kidneys, intestines, brain and liver) are already working, and continue to grow the rest of the pregnancy.
His body is protected by skin, which at this time is almost transparent and can see their nerves and spine.
It also begins to form the lanugo, which is a layer of very fine hairs that covers your baby’s skin until the last months of pregnancy.
The extremities of your baby go through big changes. This week begin to form the knees and elbows, and it takes not to use them – their movements are becoming stronger, although you may not even feel them. In the fingers of his hands and feet are small nails that will continue to grow and will have to be cut as soon as it is born. Click here for more.
Thin and translucent eyelids protect the eyes of your baby, so far can be opened. Their ears, which so far were badly holes will take final shape and position.
Within your gums are small bumps that someday will become teeth.
Meanwhile, his mouth practice the very important task of swallowing, although the only thing that swallows amniotic fluid.
The external genitalia continue their development and are taking the form of vagina or penis, although it is not yet possible to distinguish them with certainty. If your baby is male, already produces testosterone.
With all these changes, your little begins to look like a baby instead of deformed embryo used to be. It’s a good time to have an ultrasound (also known as Monogram or ultrasound) to see it more clearly.

Your body

At ten weeks of pregnancy, the external changes in your body go almost unnoticed, but inside, you go through a radical transformation:

  • Your uterus is already two times larger than it was before the pregnancy.
  • Much of your energy is directed to the formation of the placenta.
  • In your mouth, your glands produce more saliva.
  • Your circulatory system adapts to the 25-40% of extra blood flowing through your body during pregnancy.
  • Although your uterus does not even cover much space in your abdominal area, yes it interferes with the functioning of your bladder and bowels. This, plus the famous pregnancy hormones, cause you need to urinate more frequently and make you feel “inflated” because you digieres your food more slowly.