How to Take Care Of Your Shoes: 10 Tips

Hello girls! As we always say, there is no better way to save than take care of the things that we have , so you can use them a thousand times combined with different garments. Today we are going to spend a few hints on the care of footwear, which is one of the more expensive products.
When it comes to putting us to inquire about a specific topic there is nothing better than talking to people who are in the subject by that we contacted Sofi and Geri designers of Le.Hoi, a brand of shoes that we love. We visit her showroom and, as we thought, at a time they were given us plenty of simple tips. They gave us advice that can serve us all and we can do without any problem and with products which may be obtained in any shoe shop in the neighborhood. That was the idea, to give us tips that for them are obvious by the simple but that for all that we are not engaged in this are ultra useful.
10 Things we need to know:
1- It is not used two days in a row the same shoe, this does not mean that we have to have 365 different pairs, of course, but to let it rest for a day at least to make it to air and thus does not warp.
2 – when the rain grab us and get wet us shoes that we can do it is best to fill them with silk or daily paper rolls (careful with the newspaper that may stain if the shoe is clearly) these buns will absorb moisture and prevent warping of the shoe.
3- The best way to clean patent leather shoes with the product is glass cleaner that you have at home and cotton, it will give shine and protection.
4 – If you have a finite pie and you spend chancleteando sandals are a great product in all of the shoe stores called half volley.
5 – If the shoe was large or you got a couple of larger number on offer than yours, with a half-point you can add media template or template whole. You are going to the Shoemaker with big shoes and you proofs stencils until you more comfortable.
6 – if I’m on the other hand, chico ideally, go to the Shoemaker to enlarge what you up to half a point with the last. But before you can try a homemade trick, you mojás a cloth with alcohol, which does not squirt, only make it damp, colocás the cloth made a bun at the tip of the shoe this will soften the leather and is going to give up.
7-you can dye your shoes because they are half ugly or simply want to change the color, in this case you have to take into account:
-Buy the dye to the material that corresponds.
-It is more likely that it is good if you teñís shoes colored in darker colors. If the base is black, there are no possibilities of dye another colour, only sobretenirlo with black and thus highlight the original color so it is like new.
-If you use a brush to apply the tincture, please note that it is best to use one for each color so that they are not mixed and that if you’re going to use on leather shoes is recommended to buy a finite bristle brush so that the material will not hurt. Read the top 10 tips on pauldigo.
-Dyeing data can be applied on jackets and leather briefcases also.
8 – If your party shoes Skate (because often have sole vaccine that is very smooth), you take your kitchen grater, sandpaper or a knife and rays a little, problem solved.
9 – use waterproofing suede shoes prevents it stained and ruined fast. The suede material is more difficult to clean so I better be careful. The ideal is to do three applications before using it, each application with 2 days of rest that absorbs well and the last, several hours before use. Once in a while, back to apply the spray after giving one brushed.
10 – store footwear in the right way also helps their care. If the shoes are leather should pass them a cream or ointment to the tone and Polish them with a cloth, if they are suede clean them with a brush. The ideal is to keep the shoes in boxes by filling them with silk or daily paper to prevent them from absorbing moisture in the closet and in this way also avoid warping.