10 Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

The account is directly proportional: as the temperature rises, the sleep quality falls. Is suffering to sleep in this heat out of season? Check out the tips

The heat came and went this week in southeastern Brazil. In Sao Paulo, according to the Climatempo, there’s just rain forecast for Saturday (26). Maximum can reach 37° until the end of the week in São Paulo. In Rio de Janeiro, the temperature can hit the 40° on Friday (25) and should it rain next week. And even at night temperatures have fallen, while remaining in the 20°. There, with this heat, becomes increasingly difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

“The ideal is to have an average of 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. So much as the excess can be harmful to health, “said the iG the endocrinologist Claudia Chang, Professor and coordinator of graduate studies in Endocrinology of the Institute of Medicine (ISMD). For those who want to lose a few pounds, for example, a good quality sleep is essential for the body to have your hormonal function well-balanced.
To help you have a cooler night and sleep better, we have selected 10 tips. See the list below:
Moisten your Pajamas or Nightgown lightly and sleep with him as well, preferably with a fan circulating the air. The tip also goes for socks. Cold feet work, the body cools down and the night is lighter. But don’t push! Sleep with wet clothes can also result in a nice cold. The idea is to freshen up.
-Drank water today?
Let your body hydrated
Drinking water is essential and remember to hydrate throughout the day and not just at bedtime, not to get in the mood to go to the bathroom during the night.
-Set the temperature of the bath
Take a warm bath in the evening. In addition to refresh, it helps to relax.
-Wind the window
Leave the room aired during the day and, if possible, a gap in the window at night, too, for the air circulate. This time of year, the evenings are a bit cooler than in the summer, so enjoy the breeze from the window.
Forget the coffee or tea
Stimulating drinks should be avoided at night. Caffeine has duration of 4 hours in the body, so ideally the last SIP is around 16 hours so as not to disturb the quality of sleep. And it is worth noting that caffeine is not just coffee, but also in drinks like green tea.
-Alert for physical activities
Have you ever heard someone say it’s good to do physical activity to get bored and then sleep? It’s not always like that. Avoid very vigorous exercises at night. Prefer more relaxing activities.
-Keeping an eye on the plate
What you eat can also influence the quality of sleep. Follow a balanced diet and take and avoid very caloric meals at night. How about betting on a nice salad ?
-Get on clothes
The choices of their clothes and bedding can help you sleep better. In warmer weather, choose clear and Pajamas lightweight fabrics. To the sheets, the prefica of cotton and linen, that warm less than synthetics.
Hit also on the pillow
After thinking the pajamas and bedclothes, be careful with the pillow. Is indicated to be airy and made of material that prevents the proliferation of mites, fungi and bacteria, capable of triggering allergic typical crises of the summer
Take off the Cabinet fan
The fan was probably kept in the cold days of winter and, therefore, remember to clean it before use. Make sure that the appliance is noisy and do not leave it turned directly to the body. If you prefer the air conditioning once again remember that he got a little while without being used and deserves a clean filter. The temperature should be around 24°.