Top 10 Makeup Tips and Tricks

“The laurels have more fun”, well, that’s what they say. From Marilyn Monroe to Pamela Anderson, the blonde image has been a pillar of film and television for decades, and is still an image that many men say they vote heavily, but of course everyone has their own taste. Despite this apparent popularity, there are surprisingly few makeup tips around designed specifically for Blondes, so approach this problem with our 10 makeup tips and tricks just for Blondes:

1. Increase your eyelashes

Most natural Blondes have pale lashes, then experiment with mascara until you find the one that suits you. Normally, the best option for blondes is dark brown, black or dark blue. A simple and relatively inexpensive to get a color more durable to the eyelashes, is to get them deleted.

2. Set your eyebrows

To bring better definition to the face, but without him it seems unnatural, chose the eyebrow products that are 1-2 shades darker than your hair color, but no more.

3. Dampen the shadow

You have a hair color neutral tones so heavy on your eyes really stand out and will look. Soft Brown and gold is wonderful about blondes or, if you feel a little more colorful, pastel colors that work best.

4. Lipstick choices

As a blonde, you have many options when it comes to lipstick, but stay away from yellow-based colors, like that simply does not work with blonde hair. The natural choice for blondes is usually pink, but if you want to move from a Barbie look, more of a portrait of Marilyn Monroe, did wonders for brilliant red Marilyn!

5. Golden Foundation

Natural blondes tend to have pale complexion, so as to improve the color, but still keep a natural look, use the tinted gold net basis to heat the skin or use bronzer light tone to add warmth to your complexion.

6. Soft blush on the cheeks

Flatter those beautiful blond curls, use a pale apricot or Peach blush; applied on the cheekbones and blend a bit ‘ for the temples. And Yes, don’t forget to apply a marker on your cheekbones for a shine free.

7. Smokey eyes

We said that blondes are advised to mitigate eye makeup from this makeup site, but you can still go to the smokey eyes look if you want, you can look great with blonde hair too much; only choose dark gray instead of black.

8. Platinum blonde

There is more than one type of woman … keep in mind that blond type you are, when you select your makeup. Platinum blondes should keep cool colors to match your hair, because bright colors will be out as well.

9. Gold blonde

Greet the Golden tresses with pink and peach for the lips and cheeks, and gold, Brown, dark purple or lilac works well for the eyes.

10. Beach Blondes

Caramel or honey colors will bring sunshine to your beach blonde look, but avoid invading the terracotta tones, as they are mostly sunny.
We hope that our makeup tips and tricks useful for blondes.
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Stay beautiful and happy!