10 High Fiber Foods

Foods rich in fiber have several health benefits, more than enough reason to include them in your diet.

10 High Fiber Foods

There is much talk about the benefits of fibers for the proper functioning of the body, but not all the advantages are known or the sources of fibers. But this is about to change.


Let’s do it by steps. Fibers are well known for the benefits to bowel functioning, however, its benefits go far beyond that. In fact, fibers can even help prevent diseases such as obesity, diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

If you lacked a reason to include fiber-rich foods in your diet, perhaps it’s time to change your mind.

And do not think that only cereals are high in fiber. Yes, of course they are. But they are not the only option. In fact possibilities are not lacking and are very easy to find. Get to know 10 fiber-rich foods now .

1.  PEAR

A pear may contain about 5 g of fiber, which makes it one of the high fiber foods. But among the fruits has several options. Avocado, fig, peach, orange, pineapple, apple, plum, papaya, mango or strawberry are other examples of fiber rich fruits.


This is probably one of the most high fiber foods. Just to get an idea, a cup of beans can contain about 7 g of fiber. And the best part is that it can vary, since there are several types of beans to choose from.


It is another grain widely used in Portuguese gastronomy and, like beans, it is also a good source of fiber. And since we are in the legumes, know that peas, lentils or fava beans, for example, are also good examples of foods where you will find fibers.


In addition to being rich in healthy oils, they are also an excellent source of fiber. And if you are fond of nuts you can still consider hazelnuts, peanuts, nuts, or nuts, for example.


In addition to fiber it still provides you with vitamins (A, C and E) and potassium.


Yes, in yogurts it also finds fibers, as well as bifidus and some strains of lactobacilli, which contribute to the stimulation of the intestinal flora.


Two other good choices of high fiber foods. It may surprise you at first, but your body will thank you, since choosing the “full” version of these two foods will provide more fiber to your body.


Another of the foods richer in fiber. Just to get an idea, for every 100g of flaxseed, you will find more than 30g of fiber. And consumption options are not lacking. Salads, juices or cakes are just a few.


In addition to being a good source of fiber, it has further contributed to the reduction of cholesterol levels.


A food rich in fiber and not only. Sweet potatoes are also a good source of iron, vitamins (A, C and E) and potassium.