Glowball, as Well Is The First Game Optimized for NVIDIA Tegra 3

When the first information about the Nvidia, Tegra 3, quad-core processor also appeared two demos techniques that showed us the potential of the new chip. On the one hand Zen Pinball HTD and on the other Glowball. In principle this type of shows do not give the jump since its nature tends to be to remove muscle.

However it seems that Nvidia will launch the month that of Glowball demo comes to all holders of a Prime Transformer they can enjoy the benefits of this processor, They are not few: dynamic lights, interaction between the objects of the scenario, particles, reflections… Continue reading Glowball, as Well Is The First Game Optimized for NVIDIA Tegra 3

Dresses to the Ankle

Dress code individual each person goes according to a style that pleases uses it to who, whether it be formal nothing better than a dress but also the has casual fun and fresh fabrics giving comfort and beauty to who use it, it is also the same lengths, ranging from short above the knee under it, to pull to the ankles, and others depending on the occasion and pass that point. Continue reading Dresses to the Ankle

The PlayStation Network Comes to Android, Starting with The Xperia Play

Sony always has been trying to bring a unique value to their terminals, especially to your mix between terminal games and mobile phone Xperia Play, as already happened with exclusivity temporary which had with Minecradft Pocket Edition. Then the announcement of PlayStation Suite, a system that would allow us to play some games on various consoles from Sony, both Android also have promised much, but still has not reached anything firm. Continue reading The PlayStation Network Comes to Android, Starting with The Xperia Play

Womens Fleece Sweat Suits

Fleece suit for Women: Comfort on Cold Winter Days

Temperatures drop, the days shorten and most like you would hole up until next spring? Morning walk in darkness out of the house and do not come before sunset home? If the weather is still cold and wet, there is nothing better than to spend the evening relaxing on the couch. With a hot tea and a book, you can make yourself comfortable while raging outside the winter storm. Yet cozy, you can make your evening with the right clothes: A soft and warming fleece suit is just the thing for cold winter days. He donates warmth and ensures a high comfort factor.

Continue reading Womens Fleece Sweat Suits

‘Destinia’, an RPG More Than Classic Retro Is

I am passionate about classic RPGs, and on Android I found a reef of these games. I’m jumping from one to another as I’m finishing them (if all goes well) or are tiring me (if the game turns out to be a disaster). For now, ‘Destinia’ fits into the first group.

As you can see in the above image, ‘Destinia’ not spin nor much less the power of the new Tegra processors. Not at all. Sprites of low resolution, 16-bit, which sometimes seem even less. But that is the least, the important thing is to take a dip in the spirit of the classic role-playing games. Continue reading ‘Destinia’, an RPG More Than Classic Retro Is

Casio G-Shock Gw-A1000-1aer Premium Funk+Solar Watch

The top model Gravity Defier GW-A1000-1AER from the Casio PREMIUM Collection was developed in close cooperation with  Royal Air Force pilots. In addition to the highest precision , radio and solar, this model also has a thermometer function (-10°C/+60°C ), Smart Access technology (details below),automatic pointer adjustment, and a unique design. The Casio G-Shock Premoum model is equipped with several motors:  hour, minute and second hands are controlled by different motors. Continue reading Casio G-Shock Gw-A1000-1aer Premium Funk+Solar Watch

Mac Mini Intel ATX (USB Hub)

It would be a shame to waste USB ports that mounts in the front case. We can “extend” two of the rear ports of the Mini, but I think most successful incorporate a USB Hub inside the box and connect the front ports there.
The chosen one is a USB 2.0 4-port hub, acquired in Carrefour for € 7.90. This hub does not incorporate transformer, but have power input extra. Ideal to feed from the ATX source. Continue reading Mac Mini Intel ATX (USB Hub)